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Get support and let us help you by providing you with an advantageous service for clearing out in Berlin. After all, this is exactly what our company specializes in. As the topic of clearing is relatively broad, you may need a specialist for certain areas . If you want to dispose of your garden waste or need a professional for fire disposal, you’ve come to the right place. Basic cleaning is often required after an office liquidation in Berlin. However, if you have just taken over the clearing of your premises yourself and still need to dispose of electrical appliances, you should not take this lightly, because there are certain guidelines to follow. Professional helpers will also help you in your private environment, for example, if you need help clearing the attic in Berlin. Have you recently taken over a garden and need help with garden clearing in Berlin ?

Similarly, if you have dissolved your restaurant and can not do the gastronomy liquidation alone, we support you professionally with advice and action in such a business liquidation. A business liquidation is relatively comprehensive, especially if it is a hotel liquidation. You are very welcome to inquire with us and also get advice on the subject of store liquidation or warehouse liquidation. If you don’t have the means of your own, we can also help you with the furniture removal. For a warehouse, we offer you the container service in Berlin, which may offer you a good solution for this.

Aflex: One service provider – many services

You need strong support for your decluttering, like Andy? Or is it a move or painting work after all? See now how Aflex, as a sole service provider, masters all projects under one hat.


If there is an apartment liquidation in Berlin and you are responsible for it, you do not have to do everything alone. Maybe it is your first household liquidation in Berlin, which you have to organize. However, you do not have to feel alone in this with us as we are your professional contact. This means that you can get support from professionals when it comes to clearing and disposing of things.

In the worst case, it is even a Messi apartment, so you no longer know where to take the garbage. We do not ask long questions, but we actively support you no matter what the family reasons are for a clearing. By the way, it is exactly the same with the topic of bulky waste disposal.

Have you ever thought about the different types of waste? If not, it may even sound like science to you at first. Perhaps, you don’t want to deal with that or you may not have much time to plan everything. Nevertheless, you should definitely pay attention to proper disposal, for example, when it comes to green waste, scrap wood, or construction debris. Otherwise, you may face penalties if you dispose of it incorrectly. It’s the same with bulky waste, for example, if you want to clear everything out completely before having it disposed of.



It’s best to start comparing offers from different clearing companies in Berlin as early as possible so that you can see at first glance what differences are there in prices and services. However, you can hire a reputable moving company not only for hauling your furniture and moving boxes but also for painting work. This will help you, for example, if you are short on time. After all, in the case of a practice liquidation, you need to take care of other things if you want to get everything done well. Because it involves special equipment and waste, therefore, you should also contact the right one for waste disposal. If there are special chemical ingredients that have to be disposed of, for example, they should not be put in the household waste.

With a good waste disposal company in Berlin, you can play it safe and avoid one or the other fine. Therefore, it may be correct disposal, if, for example, the right landfill is chosen for it. In special landfills, it is possible to have toxins filtered out. Although such disposal is free of charge in most recycling centers in Berlin, you can use this advantage only for household quantities. The situation is somewhat different for a warehouse liquidation or a hotel liquidation. For your basement clearance in a private environment, for example, it may be sufficient to segregate the waste for the recycling center without having to make any major effort. However, you are very welcome to contact our competent team if, for example, extensive disposal is required after a commercial liquidation.


A reputable clearing company will provide you with an individual consultation. You will then receive a written offer on which all services are listed transparently. This way, you will know exactly what work will cost how much money. This means that you are automatically keeping an eye on disposal costs. You are also welcome to send us a request for a complete offer. This means that we are not only the right people for disposal but we also take care of the entire inventory and even provide you with moving boxes and crates for this purpose. With our moving company, you will be pleased to know that you can order the entire package of services. For example, if it comes to clearing the apartment and you simply do not have time for it and do not get a vacation, you may hand over everything to us. We not only clear the apartment, but we also pack everything correctly into the moving boxes and cartons. At the same time, we carefully disassemble the furniture and, if you wish, reassemble it.

Of course, when you clear out an apartment, you always have to dispose of everything at the same time because not all things will continue to be used. Some things can still be used, others may be broken or worn out too much over the years. However, you may even be able to sell some of the inventory. We are also happy to advise you on this subject. Furthermore, you do not have to bring the furniture to the flea market yourself, the professional will gladly do that for you as well. The same applies to the correct disposal of all problematic materials if these are discovered during the apartment clearance.


A household liquidation in Berlin is our specialty. Do you want to know why is that? With us, you will find the right helpers on this subject. The work will be done promptly in the shortest possible time. Our range of services is wide. With us, you will find support for container service as well as for the disposal of mixed construction waste and garden waste. In our field, we are practically all-rounders when it comes to clearing out services in Berlin. So why not book a professional for this? You are welcome to contact us around the clock if you have any questions. If you wish, we can arrange a non-binding on-site inspection appointment so that you can receive individual advice from us. We will also prepare an offer for you on the subject of basic cleaning, waste disposal, or hotel liquidation.

We also know how extensive an attic cleanout can be. Perhaps you have underestimated the many things that have accumulated there over the years. Therefore, you can order a thorough attic clearance from us. By the way, this offer does not only apply to the private sector but also to the commercial sector. We will not leave you hanging with your garbage! The same applies if you need someone to pick up your bulky waste and dispose of it correctly. You are very welcome to contact us about this. We will carry out this clearing for you cheaply and promptly. The same applies to the case that you need someone to take care of transport for you. For this, we have exactly the right equipment.


As far as the prices for an apartment clearing in Berlin are concerned, there are very different criteria and parameters on which a provider for a clearing is oriented. Firstly, it is the area to be cleared which is given in square meters. This means that the volume is also decisive when it comes to disposal in Berlin. This is how the price is calculated. In addition, there is another criterion, namely the location of the property. Possibly the apartment or house is located on a slope or on a floor that can not be reached by elevator. Basically, you can expect an average cost of 500 euros per room. Make sure that you can also find out exactly the prices for travel and departure, or hours worked, from such an offer from other moving companies and disposal helpers. It is the same with the fees for the removal of garbage or hazardous waste, as well as the transport. A reputable provider offers the prices clearly and transparently.

If, for example, you only want to clear out a small one-room apartment or single apartment in Berlin, which has a square meterage between 30 and 35 m², you can expect costs between 500 and 600 euros. The situation is completely different, for example, when it comes to the cost of clearing out a single-family house. If such a single-family house has an area of 150 m², for example, the costs for clearing out and disposal, including the attic and cellar, amount to about 3000 euros on average.






A household dissolution in Berlin often also means a so-called house clearing in Berlin. If you order comprehensive house clearance, the offer will also include the dismantling or transportation of your belongings. By the way, you can recognize reputable providers for waste disposal by the fact that they offer a free inspection and a free non-binding offer. There may be inexpensive disposal including crediting the value in the room so that you can get away even cheaper. The main goal is that you can be pleased with a clean-swept handover on schedule. Most likely, you will also have to meet a deadline when a house is cleared out so that it can subsequently become interesting for a tenant or a buyer.

We will tackle both clearing out and disposal immediately so that everything is done promptly. As the client, you decide on your own whether it is a partial clearing out or a complete clearing out. The customer is always king and we take customer satisfaction as our top priority. Therefore, please let us know your wishes and we will be happy to respond to them individually. We always dispose of the waste professionally and, above all, in an environmentally friendly manner. At the same time, you can always be pleased that we are of course insured against damage. We keep all of our appointments on time. The same applies to any bulky waste collection that may be necessary. We will arrange this for you in an uncomplicated and professional manner.

The cost for clearing out always depends on the area or volume of the corresponding space.

We attach great importance to offering fair and affordable prices, after all, we also have to pay our employees fair wages and use modern equipment.

To determine the household clearing costs, simply contact the professionals at Aflex. We will promptly provide you with a free cost estimate.

Yes, it is necessary for an on-site inspection because, during an on-site visit, our trained professionals will review all furniture, other items, and debris to be disposed of. We will also discuss what items should be thrown away and check whether usable furniture and other items can be considered or not. After the inspection visit, you will receive a detailed price quote that includes all costs. This service is completely free of charge and is not binding on you.

The following services are offered at AFLEX for your clearing-out and apartment or household liquidation:

Household clearance, basement clearance, attic clearance, garden clearance, bulky waste collection, disposal, removals, apartment renovation, and transport.

If you want to clear out the house and liquidate the apartment or house, then the transport and disposal costs are, of course, included in the price. In addition to the disposal, this also includes assembly and disassembly of your furniture as well as environmentally friendly waste separation. Our free on-site inspection service helps us determine which furniture, items, and wastes need to be disposed of. In this way, we can schedule our employees and vehicles in a cost-effective manner and pass the savings on to our consumers.

Yes, if you hire Aflex for clearing out or liquidation of an apartment or house, you can deduct the cost of family-related services from your taxes. The important thing is that it must be disposed of in your home or on the property where you live.

Thanks to our well-trained and experienced team, you can rely on Aflex for fast and professional execution of your order. After making an appointment for a free inspection, you will immediately receive our cost estimate and agree with us on a binding execution date. When choosing a date, we will gladly take your wishes and needs into account and clean up on the agreed date and hand over all the rooms to you in a clean condition. And of course, you will receive an acceptance report and a valid invoice.

In most cases, a clearing company does not calculate the costs by time and hour, but by volume and area. You can find online calculators on the Internet that will provide you with a good orientation. This is the best way to find out for yourself what prices and costs you can expect for clearing out if you hire a professional to do it. A non-binding on-site visit is definitely recommended in any case.

If you hire a professional to clear out your entire house, you will usually have more area for maneuvering. Of course, the decisive factor is always the capacity of the clearing company. In this case, too, the area and the volume are important for the price. You can expect to pay about 500 euros per room. Additional factors, such as location, also play a role. If you know the area in square meters, you can use an online calculator to get your bearings.



Clearing out an apartment can quickly become a very extensive project. Therefore, you do not have to despair. Maybe you couldn’t plan it for a long time and were surprised by this task. In this case, you don’t have to worry about anything, you can hire us to do it. We know everything there is to know about eviction because we have the necessary experience. So, if you are looking for someone with a lot of expertise for an apartment clearing in Berlin, you have come to the right place. We also support you with a good schedule, which we of course keep. You are welcome to sort and clean out already if you still have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, you do not have to do the apartment clearing alone; a reputable clearing company, such as ours, will take care of it.

As a professional clearing company with moving services in Berlin, we offer our services at a very good price-performance ratio. Possibly even someone has died, so it comes to an apartment clearing after an apartment liquidation and if you are in a situation that you have to take care of many other important things, you may leave the matter of apartment clearing to us. Not only do we work skillfully and quickly, but we also have all the vans and equipment needed in such cases. You can also leave the physical efforts to us, for example, when bulky furniture needs to be dismantled. We will remove the vast amounts of household goods for you. Therefore, with our support, you will not feel overwhelmed.