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Whatever the reason is for your storage in Berlin, we can help you with it. After all, we specialize not only in removals, but we can also help you with bulky waste collectionpainting, and other services. On the one hand, you may need assistance with disposal after a household liquidation, and on the other hand, there is furniture that you do not want to sell, only to throw away. This will probably also happen to you if you are clearing out an attic or a basement. So, where do you want to put your furniture well?

Before you start looking for a good furniture storage provider, you should get to know the different types. Depending on the situation, the storage options differ from each other. It does not always have to be furniture, you may also want to store valuables or moving boxes. Accordingly, you can rent a storage space according to your needs. This way, you know that your belongings will be well stored. During the rental period of your storage, you will of course always have free access to your warehouse. Whether it is a warehouse that is under a roof or not is entirely up to you. It is best to get a quote for this so you can take advantage of the best storage options.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the subject of furniture storage in Berlin. We are familiar with all things and also like to take care of your move. You can also book us for a complete move including storage and disposal. It is up to you which services you want to get from us. For this purpose, after a non-binding and serious consultation, we will of course provide you with a free and non-binding offer. You can use this quotation for comparison with other providers. You will quickly realize that you are in good hands with us. Possibly your own cellar is not sufficient to store all furniture. By the way, a cellar is only recommended for short-term storage if it is well ventilated on the one hand and completely dry on the other. In any case, it is recommended that you pack your furniture well before storing it.

Before using furniture storage services in Berlin, you should also ask about insurance. Possibly you may also have household contents insurance yourself. Furniture storage is always an individual matter when it comes to responsibilities and insurance. In most cases, the insurance cover is valid for up to three months. In addition, you can of course take out storage goods insurance if you plan to store goods for a longer period of time. This way you have a good feeling about the matter and know that you are not alone with your problem in case of possible damage. But if it is basically a question of service, it should always be a reputable provider.


You can use different storage options in Berlin. The decisive factor is, on the one hand, the time and, on the other hand, the size of the area. Of course, the stored goods also play a role because some goods can also be stored outside at a low cost. Before you decide, you may be advised on this so that you perceive the best storage options in Berlin. If you research the topic of furniture storage in Berlin, you will find numerous alternatives. Nevertheless, a cheap offer is not always the best. A moving company like us offers you a service storage option. This means that on the day of the move, you hand over all the items to our moving company, and these will be stored in a container. Usually, larger warehouses are used for this purpose. As a moving company, you simply let us know as soon as you need the goods to be moved. Then we will deliver all the items directly to your new home.

There is a lot to be said for choosing professional storage facilities in Berlin and turning to a reputable moving company for this. By the way, our opening hours are particularly suitable for this. As far as the costs are concerned, you do not have to panic. It is best to use the so-called volume calculator online so that you can make a good calculation if you want to calculate the cost of furniture storage in Berlin. You will receive a free and non-binding offer from us. So you know in black and white about all cost centers. Then it will be even easier for you to compare various offers with each other.





There are many different storage facilities in Berlin that you can use for your moving goods. 

You do not necessarily have to choose furniture subordinate for it, it can be other types of goods. In any case, it is important that you know that your belongings are safely stowed. It is recommended that you pay attention to other criteria in the process:

  • You should have easy and good access to the warehouse
  • The storage rooms should be easily accessible
  • As a customer, you can enjoy sufficient monitoring and security
  • Pay attention to a low humidity
  • The storage rooms should be clean

Was die Luftfeuchtigkeit in den Lagerräumen betrifft, so sollten Sie das Risiko unbedingt vermeiden, dass Sie Ihre Sachen einem Schimmelpilzbefall

As for the humidity in the storage rooms, you should definitely avoid the risk of exposing your belongings to mold. Otherwise, you will experience a nasty surprise when you re-enter the storage room later. Therefore, it is best to decide for an inspection in advance. Of course, we are happy to offer you this service so that you feel that you are in good hands and well looked after. Good customer service is always a priority for us when it comes to furniture storage or storage facilities in Berlin.

By the way, we are also very happy to help you with transportation so that you do not have to despair about it. Both helping and strong hands, as well as a helpful transporter, are therefore at your disposal if you hire us for this. Possibly, with a professional solution, you will save yourself some vacation days and above all time, as well as a lot of nerves. You are welcome to take a look at our positive customer reviews.


Furniture storage cost depends on the volume, as well as the area and distance. Therefore, you can be pleased that we can offer you a good storage location for furniture storage in Berlin. If you do not have to travel far, it will be easier for you to access your warehouse when it is needed. The shorter the distance, the better. If you want to save money because of your furniture storage costs and efficient calculation, you can take some tips to do so. Namely, this means that you should decide very carefully which furniture you really want to store or which you want to sort out. Are there any personal items that you really want to keep? Possibly there are old things that you can part with. The fewer things you have to put in storage, the cheaper you will get away with it. Thus, the furniture storage costs are kept within limits and the furniture storage in Berlin will not be so expensive for you.

If you opt for long-term storage, it will also be cheaper for you if you dismantle the furniture for this purpose. This is worthwhile if you really proceed systematically. Make sure you have a good plan and don’t mess up anything. Dismantling furniture takes a lot of time and effort. We are happy to help you with this as well because we have the right professionals and movers to help you. Then you do not have to dismantle or assemble your furniture yourself. In addition, it is advisable to take advantage of possible discounts on storage options and storage costs in Berlin. Long-term tenants are therefore happy about better prices.


Did you know that you can not only rent furniture storage in Berlin but also get an additional service with us? After all, this does not mean that you have to haul, transport, and store everything yourself. Of course, you can do that to save costs but we offer you a complete all-round service for it which means that we can even offer you additional painting and renovation work if you want to leave your old apartment quickly in order to move into the new one. You can make use of these and other services from us in a professional manner. Maybe you don’t have the time for efficient attic or basement clearing and it becomes too much for you. Of course, you will save additional costs if you can store some furniture with relatives or friends. But if there is no one in your circle of acquaintances who can help you with the topic of furniture storage in Berlin, you are welcome to contact us.

You can definitely look for a furniture warehouse in Berlin if you have specifically determined your space requirements. But if you have problems with it, you are welcome to ask us. We will offer you a serious consultation on the subject of furniture storage in Berlin. We would be happy to explain to you how we protect and pack your furniture and how far you are insured with our service for the furniture warehouse in Berlin. Then you will be very well informed about how storage in Berlin works with us. In any case, you pay much more money for furniture storage by a parcel service or a forwarding agency than with our service. You are very welcome to convince yourself and obtain various offers in this area as well.


We respond individually to your wishes and specifications because we can react flexibly and with a lot of experience. Both the accessibility and the storage conditions in our warehouse Berlin are 1 A. It is not for nothing that we have such a good reputation when it comes to storing furniture in Berlin because with us you will be well served. When a contract has been signed, the stored goods are seriously packed and protected by us, and of course, we will also explain all the deadlines to you. Possibly the stored goods are anyway insured by your household insurance. But with us, it does not matter because we can offer you a very good insurance cover for your storage in Berlin. We also support you in determining the necessary space requirements for storage. A few square meters of floor space may be sufficient. But of course, you can always take measurements if you want to store your washing machine, cupboards, refrigerator, or sofa.

Both the area and the duration of the lease play a role when it comes to the storage costs for your furniture. However, you’ll be amazed at how few square feet of storage you’ll need if you’re smart about it. Many companies commit to a minimum rental period. This means that you should plan carefully if you want to store your furniture in Berlin. We are of course at your side for a transitional solution as well as for a long-term solution. You have come to the right place with us when it comes to long-term storage. You are very welcome to make an appointment with us so that we can get an idea of your situation.


The price always refers to the storage volume depending on which rental boxes are available. Therefore, it is helpful if you know both the area and the volume in cubic meters in advance so that you can find out what costs you can expect. For 9 m³ you pay about 70 Euro, for 50 m³ about 300 Euro – these average prices refer to an offer for a rental period of four weeks.

When you are looking for storage space, different criteria for the price play a role. For example, 1 m² of storage space costs less in a rental box than in a warehouse. Therefore, you should inform yourself in advance about the type of storage. We are happy to make you an offer if you only need a few square meters of storage space. Basically, a storage box costs around 35 euros per month for 1 m².

In order to calculate the cost of the storage box monthly, you need to know exactly what volume and area you need for it. Storage boxes vary in size. Therefore, you should ask what type of box it is before you want to rent this box for storage. The monthly rent for the small storage boxes starts with an average of 35 euros. The more volume and area you rent and the longer the rental period, the more likely you are to get a discount.

If you sublet your own apartment or relocate, you may need to store your own furniture. A storage box is a good alternative depending on the size of the storage space and the cost. The prices start with an average of 35 euros per square meter per month. You can store a lot of household goods there. But you can also store your furniture via a forwarding agency and save yourself the transport.

Storage boxes are a good solution if you need storage in between because you want to store your household goods in them. Maybe you want to move abroad or you want to sublet your apartment. Depending on these situations, there are different providers for such a storage box in Berlin and the surrounding area. If you know how many square meters you need, you can definitely ask about the price for it. The average price for 1 m² in a storage box is 35 euros per month.

If you are looking for small storage space, you should get individual quotes for it. There are both companies and private providers for this. You can expect costs between 15 and 40 euros per square meter if it is a small storage room. These costs are calculated monthly. Both the provider and the type of accommodation and distance play a role in the price.

It is important for you to be able to estimate the actual space requirements and space needs so that you can calculate the average storage costs. However, the prices for storage space can vary greatly. If you are planning to store your furniture, you should estimate between 10 and 15% of your current living space as the base area for the location calculation. You are very welcome to ask for our serious and non-binding advice.



Then do not hesitate to contact us now! Our experienced upholsterers are always happy to help you at any time.
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