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No matter whether it’s a small apartment or a larger family home. No matter if it’s just a few streets away or over longer distances. With Aflex, you have a competent partner at your side for your private move. We offer a free preliminary inspection at your home, provide you with a free, non-binding and attractive offer and are always available to answer all your questions regarding your private move in Berlin. Call us today so that we can discuss everything!

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Your Private Move in Berlin - Save time and nerves

If you are planning a private move in Berlin, you might consider whether you want to use a moving professional for this. Of course, both the budget and the time you have available for your private move are decisive factors. Compare and get quotes from different reputable moving companies that can assist you with your private move in Berlin. You can either book a complete or a partial moving service and thus influence the costs accordingly.

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Private move in Berlin - Criteria you can take into account

Basically, an inquiry with a reputable moving company for your private to Berlin is always a non-binding thing. This means that you can get estimates to get an overview of the budget. After that, you can make your choice whether the private move still remains a private matter (means you want to do it yourself) or whether you hire a professional for it. However, there are many advantages, which you can enjoy as a customer of a moving company. These include, for example, the following:

  • Offers for disposal and clearing out
  • Checklists and moving lists from professionals
  • Additional painting and renovation work as a service
  • International moves or company moves are also possible
  • Insurance against damage and accidents
  • Suitable packaging material is offered
  • The right means of transport are available for moving furniture
  • The specialist staff works efficiently and reliably
  • The offer is non-binding

If you start early enough with the planning of your private move, it should not be a problem to get appropriate quotes for it to choose from.

Private relocation - Reasons for why you can let the professionals do the job

Have you ever organized and managed a private move yourself? If you are moving privately for the first time, you should not take the matter lightly even if you have the impression that family and friends are not far away and are happy to help. Have you thought what if the moving date is getting closer and closer and what happens if your helpers can’t provide the support that was previously promised?

In most cases, you also have to adhere to the specified deadlines, for example when it comes to leaving your old apartment and moving into your new apartment. In such a scenario, it definitely makes sense that you can rely on your movers as well. The same is true for the furniture, which should arrive undamaged if possible. This is best done with the necessary professional equipment that a reputable moving company can provide. That is why good moving companies in Berlin are not only in demand for company moves or international moves but also for private moves.

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Private Moves in Berlin - Avoid mistakes with the moving expert

A good team of employees with real moving experts will help you with your private move. Therefore, it has generally become a real trend that private removals in Berlin are handled by such transport companies and moving companies. You are welcome to take a look at what sources of error you can easily avoid if you turn to the professional right away. This also includes, among other items, professionally demanded no-stopping zones. It won’t help if you make a sign yourself; otherwise, you may even face penalties. Have you thought about how it looks with the parking situation on the subject of private removals in Berlin? You should not underestimate this if a professional move takes place.

By the way, it is the same with the disposal of bulky waste. This can become a problem if you want to dispose of your waste yourself. There are certain deadlines and requirements, you must register and apply for the disposal of bulky waste early enough. Another significant benefit of hiring a professional moving company in Berlin is that even painting or renovation work or small repair work can be taken over for you. Furthermore, it is just as helpful to turn to the experts when it comes to dismantling and assembling the furniture. You are welcome to ask around when it comes to the latest customer ratings and reviews of a reputable moving company in Berlin. This assures you that work is carried out competently, seriously, and quickly. Of course, all of this is also contractually secured so that you always have a good feeling when you place the order for the private move in Berlin. And yes, you can trust such employees.



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