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Reasons that speak for a moving service in Berlin

Do you want to move comfortably, quickly, and professionally? Then it’s possible that you’ll need a removal service that caters to your specific requirements. A professional moving company specializes in moves that are planned, for example, in a private environment or as a company move. You can get an offer from a professional to ensure that such a relocation works smoothly. This will help you avoid many problems and mistakes because you will benefit from a perfect organization and planning from a moving company in Berlin.

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Moving Service in Berlin - Helpful considerations

Basically, there are different ways in which you can use a moving service in Berlin. What this means is that you have various variants of removals, which you can choose. These are, for example, the following possibilities:

  • Comfort move
  • Full-service move
  • Standard move

With a so-called comfort move, you actually hand over all of the tasks that arise for your move to professional moving helpers. Here, you specify everything like even the shelves are rearranged in the new apartment. It is a bit different with a full-service move. With this option, your moving boxes will be packed and unpacked, and also the furniture will be assembled and disassembled by the movers.

A standard move, on the other hand, is the most popular trend and the most widely used form of all moving options. At the same time, it is also the most cost-effective. You yourself are responsible for packing your moving boxes and crates, the finished packed moving boxes are carried for you and transported. The same applies to the furniture, which you disassemble and assemble yourself. In this case, the transport is of course insured.

Cost of Moving service in Berlin

By the way, if you want to move professionally, the costs can vary. Therefore, it is important that you compare offers from different moving companies. Keep consultation, possibly you could get some extra bargaining leverage if you do. This can often be optional if the company can offer appropriate capacities on another moving date. In any case, you shouldn’t skimp on quality. However, additional costs may arise, for example, for the following situations:


  • The establishment of a no-parking zone
  • Increased level of difficulty due to many floors
  • Particularly bulky goods

Basically, you should contact a moving company that is professionally registered with its services. The offer should be made in writing in any case. All services should be listed individually on it so that you can enjoy the required transparency with it.

Whether a fixed rate or hourly rate is used to measure the cost of moving services, the prices vary depending on the moving company.


 You can also inquire about this directly with the moving company. You can make contact either by e-mail or by phone. It is recommended to make an appointment for an on-site inspection in advance that should be non-binding and free of charge. As a customer, you will then be able to find out what the follow-up costs will be so that you know exactly what budget you can plan for the moving service. With a fair cost estimate, you are well prepared with regard to the cost of the moving service in Berlin.

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Removal service: No-stopping zone in Berlin - Apply correctly and in good time

It may be necessary to organize for a No-stopping zone in Berlin so that a parking space is available and can be used on the moving date. For this, the processing time for the application and its approval should also be taken into account. Remember that a relocation service for no stopping zone causes additional costs for the move. It is the same with the application for an official no-stopping sign. You also have the choice between a single or a double-sided no-stopping zone. The moving service will be happy to take care of the application for this for you.

Removal service in Berlin made cheap - What criteria affect the cost determination?

As far as the cost is concerned, it is, of course, in your interest that you can use a moving service in Berlin cheaply. Before you can do that, however, it is important to find out what criteria are decisive for determining the costs if you want to hire a moving service for it. The cost for moving service in Berlin becomes cheap when you provide certain services yourself. This includes, for example, the packing and unpacking of your moving boxes. You may also be able to disassemble and assemble your furniture yourself if you are skilled in the craft. All of this saves additional costs for which you can use the moving service even more cheaply. By the way, you should also take advantage of any negotiating leeway a moving company may have when it comes to free capacity. A good example of this is either scheduling the moving date at the beginning or at the end of the month and the amount of current workload. If you are variable with the moving date, you can use this to strike a bargain. It is the same with cheap moving boxes or moving cartons.

A helpful moving checklist

Do not underestimate a helpful moving checklist, which will give you a good support when working with the moving service. You should consider the following aspects for it:

  • Specify the order of magnitude and volume of move
  • Ask for a cost estimate
  • Go through the contract in detail together
  • Ask about insurances
  • Discuss possible damages
  • Bring up the time limits for complaints
  • Take preparatory measures for the move

With the help of such checklists for the move, you avoid mistakes and it is easier to analyze and calculate the cost of the move. The total costs are usually in focus when a move in Berlin is planned and fixed. It is also best to make a list of all boxes and furniture.

Estimate and small print in the contract

As far as the cost estimate is concerned, it is an exact description of the respective services of the moving company. It should also list any mileage charges that may be incurred. If a no-stopping zone is set up for you by the moving company, this will cause additional charges and should also be stated in the cost estimate.

This way, you can protect yourself from subsequent price surcharges and keep track of the total fees for the move. Under no circumstances should you choose a moving service that charges by the hour. You can often find something like this in small print if it is a dubious offer.

Insurance in case of damage

In order to protect yourself in advance against possible damage, it is important to bring this up with the moving service. No doubt, damage can occur even if the movers are professionally trained. If damage is caused, this is covered by the company’s appropriate insurance. As a rule, a moving company should therefore be insured against damage in transit. It is best to have this transport insurance shown to you so that you have a good feeling about the matter.

By the way, this is exactly how it is with the corresponding complaint periods if damage has actually occurred as a result of the move. A typical example of this is damage to furniture. Therefore, check immediately as soon as possible whether there has been any damage after your move.



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