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Professionally trained movers and modern equipment are simply part of a move with Aflex. Our team handles your household goods and furniture with great care and ensures that everything arrives in the right place at the destination. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Moving helpers in Berlin - Hire helpful movers

When looking for assistance, you can look around for a quote for moving helpers in Berlin to compare your options and possibilities. You can book such movers virtually as needed so that you have helping hands ready for your move. If it has to go fast, you can also order your moving helpers in Berlin online via the Internet. It is advisable to do some research in advance before the move takes place so that you can enjoy favorable conditions. It is best to start a few weeks before the actual move date. Personal customer service should always be a priority so that you can inquire about the individual services in detail and know exactly about the company.

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Moving helpers in Berlin - How to cope with all the tasks

If you have never experienced a move, you can get advice on this. You may ask yourself what you can expect from moving helpers when you hire them. This includes, for example, the following services:

  • Packing the moving boxes
  • Cleaning work
  • Painting work
  • Loading the van
  • The assembly and disassembly of furniture
  • Carrying work


Now you can roughly imagine how helpful a mover can be when it comes to saving your back and time during your move. Do you already have the necessary materials for the move ready? This includes packing floss on the one hand, and padding film on the other hand, and of course suitable moving boxes. Not every moving box is automatically suitable for the move. For example, special boxes are used when very heavy belongings are involved. That’s where a few helping hands can help. As a result, your moving boxes and furniture will be carried quickly and loaded optimally.

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Student moving helpers in Berlin are particularly in demand

Can you still remember your student days? Then you surely know that student moving helpers are particularly in demand. During the study period, everyone would like to earn a little extra money, and the clients also get their money’s worth. Therefore, you can especially benefit from an offer for student moving helpers in Berlin. Let us help you if your shelves or cupboards are professionally dismantled and rebuilt in the course of your move. You can organize the necessary tools for this in advance. This is usually even provided by the moving company. Don’t have much time to pack your moving boxes? If you do the sorting, you can hire your helpful students to pack and unpack the moving boxes.

Moving helpers in Berlin - Consider helpful customer reviews

If you are not sure which moving company or moving helpers to choose, then online reviews for moving helpers will help you. These are customer reviews and experiences from other customers. You should read these ratings and reviews carefully and compare various providers with each other. The more stars, the better. This makes your choice easier because you can rely on such an assessment after researching online. The reviews can be found either on various rating portals via the search engine or directly on the website of the provider. Only then does it make sense to obtain a quote.

Moving helpers in Berlin without a truck - Your mini move made easy

There are many reasons to hire moving helpers in Berlin without a truck, for example, if it is a small mini-move. No matter what support and helping hands you need, moving helpers without a truck are a good and spontaneous solution for your situation. You know that it is not always easy for a truck to find a parking space, or in most cases, appropriate no-stopping zones must be commissioned for it. It is even easier to sort things out if, for example, you use a furniture taxi. Removal helpers Berlin without truck you can book online from a moving company. In most cases, this is usually done on an hourly basis.

Moving volume and distance - Important criteria for determining the price

If you already know how extensive your moving volume is and if you can state the specific distance to your new and old place of residence, it is easier to organize a cost statement. Consequently, you will know exactly what fees will be charged for the movers. Consider the food as well, if there is a break in between. If possible, all moving helpers should keep their strength up, so that everyone can tackle the job well. Incidentally, this option is especially useful if you want to help yourself. You can get exactly the right people to support you for your planned partial move in Berlin. You can decide and organize for yourself whether there are additional helpers from your private environment or not. An offer for registered moving helpers from a company is always made in writing. This also indicates the seriousness of the company. As a result, your belongings are then insured against possible damage.



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