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No matter where you are drawn to – with Aflex you are on the safe side. Due to our many years of experience, we have already successfully implemented numerous long-distance moves in Berlin and to the satisfaction of our customers. We would be happy to help you to carry out your move in a cost-effective and, above all, relaxed manner.

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Your long-distance move in Berlin can be so easy

If you are planning a move regardless of whether you are moving within the region or over a very long distance, you should get help from a professional.

It is therefore advisable to obtain quotations from different moving companies at least eight weeks before the date of the long-distance move. What counts here is always the price-performance ratio. Of course, it is also particularly advantageous if you can arrange a direct on-site inspection appointment on the part of the moving company.

A professional moving company offers this inspection appointment free of charge for on-site consultation and assessment. The offer follows directly so that you are in the picture and can calculate and plan everything for the long-distance move. Not every moving company offers the services for a long-distance move but with the professional, you are at the right address for this. If necessary, you can provide further details for your long-distance move by phone or e-mail.

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Long-distance move in Berlin - Overcoming large distances

Even if you have a long-distance relocation and the necessary transports to cover longer distances, you are at the right address with the professional. You might be moving from Munich to Berlin or the distance is even further and so with a serious cost estimate, you are therefore well advised. This will allow you to plan your budget for the long-distance move in the best possible way. A long-distance move in Berlin can be handled completely for you by a professional moving company if that is what you want.

You are also welcome to inquire directly with local moving companies in your region when it comes to long-distance relocation and its costs in Berlin. In addition, various customer reviews will help you make your decision. By the way, good customer ratings and reviews for removals and other related services can be found, and a valid license can be seen as well.


Calculate the costs for long-distance removals in Berlin correctly

A long-distance move naturally causes higher costs in comparison to a mini-move. In addition to the distance, the decisive factor is of course always the volume of the move when it comes to the topic of cost research for long-distance moves in Berlin and moving companies. You should therefore not forget any hidden costs for the long-distance move in Berlin. A cost estimate is always a good orientation. Without an inspection appointment, however, you can not determine the costs quite accurately. It is best to always ask for a fixed price, which a reputable company would gladly provide.

If necessary, you can arrange a helpful inspection appointment, so that the movers can give you good tips and details regarding equipment and moving boxes. Don’t forget to add the additional cost of packing materials when adding up the budget. Some moving companies also offer packing services as an additional service for long-distance moves.

Incidentally, bulky items cause additional costs during a long-distance move. You may also take it into account when you move in Berlin. It is the same with furniture that is heavier than average. It is particularly tricky if no one remembers to apply for a so-called no-stopping zone. If there is no stopping space near the new or old apartment during the move, everything is delayed even more and the distances become longer.

Therefore, for the long-distance move, you should apply for a no-stopping zone to make things go smoothly. If possible, avoid changing the date for the long-distance move that you may have already fixed via a contract with a long-distance moving company, as this can also incur further costs. Of course, you may also think about your special leave and the application for it. Therefore, pay attention to the deadlines and cancellation fees and choose your long-distance moving day wisely and early enough.




Your successful long-distance move - Logistics and Planning as a prerequisite

If you want your long-distance move to be really successful, you should plan and organize it well. The first important question that arises when you choose the right moving company for it is the seriousness, which you should consider as the most important criterion for this. This way you can be sure that everything is in the best hands and well insured during your long-distance move. You shouldn’t lose a minute, especially when the time is running out for the long-distance move.


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