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Do you want to install a new kitchen in your apartment or house? Then the old kitchen must first be dismantled and removed and all kitchen furnishings and electrical appliances must be disposed of professionally. Aflex will be happy to provide you with professional kitchen disposal services in Berlin and the surrounding area at attractive fixed prices. Contact us today for a free appointment and for your individual offer!

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Kitchen Disposal in Berlin - If you want to have your kitchen discarded, you've come to the right place.

Those who want to dispose of their kitchen in their apartment or house, or throw it in the trash, are welcome to contact us. AFLEX will take care of the dismantling of the kitchen and the removal of all kitchen parts. We take the bulky waste from the kitchen and dispose of it in a professional and environmentally conscious manner.

Anyone who runs a restaurant or hotel kitchen in Berlin knows that self-employment is associated with high risks. However, if you have to give up your gastronomy or can no longer make payments and are asked to vacate it, you need professionals for clearing out, especially if the property is a kitchen of the gastronomy.

We take care of kitchen disposal in Berlin at reasonable prices.

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Cellar clearance and Clearing out with on-site service
You call us and make an appointment with us. We visit the cellar room or rooms free of charge and without obligation. After that, we will make you a free offer and you decide for yourself. If you give us the order, you will be informed immediately on site as to when we can clear the basement. Often, we can get started right away.

Aflex - Kitchen disposal in Berlin

Disposal of the old kitchen – Simple and Easy if you have the right professionals.

When you get a new kitchen, you usually have to dispose of your old one but it is not always easy because friends and/or relatives are not always available to help you dismantle the previous kitchen. It is then good if you can find a company to help you dismantle or dispose of an old kitchen. The dismantling of the kitchen can be such that the individual parts are dismantled and given to interested parties. But it can also be the case that a kitchen is taken to the bulky waste. In any case, you yourself will not have any problems with the dismantling of the old kitchen.

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There are several possibilities of what you can do with the old kitchen. On the one hand, you can sell the kitchen or donate it to social projects. In addition, you can have the old kitchen picked up or dispose of it on your own.

The easiest way is to dispose of the old kitchen via bulky waste. This bulky waste includes stoves and dishwashers which are considered electrical waste.

The cost of dismantling a kitchen varies depending on the size of the kitchen. Usually, you can expect between 80 EUR to 150 EUR.

If you cannot sell your old kitchen to the next tenant, there are various sales platforms where you can sell the kitchen online. For example, eBay classifieds, etc.

This question can not be answered in a general way. The loss in value of a kitchen can usually be calculated quite simply. It is assumed that the kitchen loses around 24% of its value every additional year after its installation.

Dismantling a kitchen is usually quick. It takes about an hour to dismantle a normal kitchen unit. But, it goes without saying that clearing out the kitchen cabinets takes extra time.