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Are you are planning a move abroad? Aflex is your experienced partner for international relocation in Berlin and the surrounding area. We have the necessary expertise of what is needed for customs formalities and the transport of your removal goods on foreign roads and we also carry out removals by ship or plane. For an international move, you should look for a competent partner so that your new life starts smoothly at the desired destination. Contact Aflex today to discuss everything else!

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An International Move to Berlin - A Big Challenge

You will almost certainly face a major challenge if an international move to or from Berlin is imminent. The goal is to keep an overview and control while you make the initial measures and preparations. To do this, it is important to avoid mistakes so that you save yourself the stress. For most people, hiring a professional moving company is the only way to get help.

With this help, you can keep track of all the preparatory measures and ensure that nothing is forgotten. Planning is the be-all and end-all when it comes to an international move to Berlin.

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An international move to Berlin - Can be well planned

Basically, your international move to Berlin should be well planned, because it most likely involves greater distances that must be overcome with furniture and belongings. Certainly, you plan to move the household goods as well. At the same time, it is still important that you deregister and respectively re-register your current residence. The following addresses are particularly important in relation to the information of your change of address:

  • ➛Customs
  • ➛Visa
  • ➛Health Insurance
  • ➛Insurances

If you have a pet and an international move to Berlin is planned, you need to make special arrangements. The destination country will inform you of the respective regulations that apply to Germany and Berlin.


Therefore, it is best to choose a reputable moving company that will provide you with a professional moving service. You can get all information there. If necessary, all your furniture will be assembled or installed by the moving company directly on site. Moreover, you can also use a professional relocation service in the event that additional painting or renovation work is necessary.

Your successful international move

An international move or a move abroad always means a greater effort. As already mentioned, it is important that you deregister and register correctly and take into account the deadlines for this. At the very least, you’ll need current and valid travel documents if you’re moving internationally. Possibly even deferring military service plays a role for you.

This can actually be deferred during your stay abroad. You should find out about this in advance from your old place of residence. Post forwarding is also recommended so that you can continue to receive your mail, which will be forwarded to you during a specified transition period. You can determine and fix this time period yourself.

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International moving prices from moving companies

Basically, it always makes sense to inquire with different reputable moving companies when it comes to international moving prices. This gives you the opportunity to compare and calculate the written offers in black and white.

The prices of international moves differ from regional moves simply because of the distance. Other criteria also play a role so that international moves turn out to be more cost-intensive for you. But this also varies depending on the moving company and the circumstances. You need to determine from the very beginning whether you want to place an order for a complete move or only book a partial move with a moving company.

Accordingly, you can keep the calculation for international moving prices low if you can provide some services yourself. Possibly a so-called moving container also plays a role for you if you are planning to move internationally. The moving company can also give you more detailed information about this.

International moving costs for the moving service

Incidentally, the international moving cost also amounts to the volume of your move. The volume of the move is an important cost component. Possibly, a so-called additional load can be an alternative for your international move.

This means that you do not have to rent a complete container and can organize your international move at a reasonable price. Of course, the international moving costs always depend on the distance and the route chosen for the transport of the removal goods. The same applies to the date of the move, which you can cleverly choose when planning your move. Do not underestimate the seasons, because there are moving dates that are particularly in demand.

By the way, additional costs are also incurred when dealing with various customs formalities or if hazardous goods are involved. The same applies to special pet transport.



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