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If you receive Hartz IV benefits from the Jobcenter and receive unemployment benefits officially, it sometimes comes to the situation that a move is pending. Before you organize and plan your move with Hartz IV, you should obtain some information on the subject of Hartz IV relocation. This is because some approvals and applications are necessary. Especially when it comes to your expenses for moving, good advice will help. It also helps if you turn to the experts for such removals.

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Hartz IV move - Applicable requirements

You must approach the office or father state correctly so that they take over your expenses for your Hartz IV move. If you can really prove that you are using extraordinary means, you have a good chance of having the costs covered. By the way, the official name for the Jobcenter is the Arbeitsgemeinschaft. In the past, this was known as the Agentur für Arbeit or Arbeitsamt. Both unemployment assistance and social assistance were replaced by Hartz IV in 2005. Subsequently, today’s Jobcenter was founded.

Therefore, you must also send your application to the Jobcenter to cover the moving costs but remember to do this in good time. Most likely, you will contact a clerk who is responsible for you. Always make sure that you can provide evidence of such applications so that you can receive approval for the assumption of costs for your Hartz IV move.

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Let your Hartz IV move into action

A prerequisite for such a Hartz IV move is, of course, that the move is voluntary. It is important to turn to moving experts and hire a moving service so that you can actually make the Hartz IV move a reality. Perhaps your current landlord has terminated the apartment or you have found a new job in another community or in another city. Sometimes even the addition of a family requires a change of residence and you need to move to a larger apartment. In these cases, you may expect support from the office for your Hartz IV move. Furthermore, unpleasant reasons, such as a divorce, can also be recognized as a reason so that you can receive support for the assumption of costs of your move. If you are currently struggling with damp walls or mold infestation and can move into an apartment while receiving unemployment benefits, this is also a valid reason, so you can most likely look forward to an approval of cost absorption. However, the prerequisite is that you have reached the age of 25, otherwise the parents play an important role in such a situation when it comes to the responsibilities and the assumption of costs for such moves.

Hartz IV move to another state

It’s possible that the Hartz IV move to another federal state is related to a new job, but you’ll need to explain this to the Jobcenter accordingly. Only when you have the approval of the employment office in your hands, you can really make final plans. For example, it is not at all easy to prove that an apartment cannot be occupied if, for example, you suffer from mold, or there are other problems. Therefore, make sure that you have complete documentation that is also traceable and so, photos are very helpful for this. Specific details for your Hartz IV move to another state can be obtained from your clerk. Good intentions for the move alone are not enough, so you need everything in writing.

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Hartz IV move for Psychological reasons

A Hartz IV move for psychological reasons is basically possible if an appropriate expert opinion is available. Normally, the state of Germany pays the costs for a moving company under the following circumstances:

  • High age
  • Illness, such as anxiety or clinical depression as a Hartz IV move for mental health reasons
  • Disability

Consequently, if you cannot carry out your move yourself, you will need a medical certificate as proof and certification. A certificate from the health insurance company must also be submitted.

Hartz IV move to another city

If you have a Hartz IV move to another city, for example, because of a job offer, the costs will also be covered. Basically, the goal is that you keep the moving costs for it as low as possible. Therefore, it makes sense if you obtain at least three different cost estimates from moving companies that allow a Hartz IV move to another city. If you generally have no health problems, the Jobcenter will cover the following costs for the move:

  • Flat rate for meals in the amount of 50 euros
  • Additional costs for forwarding requests, internet and telephone
  • Disposal of bulky waste
  • Costs for the purchase of moving material
  • Costs for the moving van

If you are smart about it, you will basically avoid paying double rent. The double rent is only paid by the Jobcenter in rare cases and only for a maximum of one month. The rent deposit is also paid by the Jobcenter if the Hartz IV move was approved in advance.


Hartz IV move without permission

You can never consider a Hartz IV move without permission because in that case, you would be liable for the costs. You can only hire a moving company if you have the approval for your Hartz IV move in your hands. Verbal commitments are nice, but it is best to have a written commitment to cover the costs. Therefore, it is essential to avoid a Hartz IV move without the approval of the Jobcenter in any case. If the application has not been approved, you should ask about the legal basis for the decision in order to clarify the situation.