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When a restaurant needs to be restored or even has to be closed, it needs a professional who knows how to do it. Otherwise, the dismantling of the equipment would take many days. Nothing should be left to chance in a restaurant liquidation in Berlin for the sake of safety alone. There are many restaurants in Berlin and if one of them could not hold on and had to declare insolvency, it should be liquidated quickly. Now a plan is needed, which AFLEX has ready with it. Thus, the right decision can be made in no time. With AFLEX, every restaurant or pub has the right contact person when it comes to catering liquidation in Berlin.

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Many also don’t realize how difficult it can be to dispose of individual appliances. If the stove still works, but the hood doesn’t, the chaos is perfect. It would necessitate too much effort. So, it’s better to call AFLEX right away and take a more relaxed approach to everything. With AFLEX, the restaurant owner can make an individual appointment so that the liquidation can take place when everyone is present.

When it comes to AFLEX’s presence, they can always be reached when help is needed. AFLEX thus clearly shows its customers that the latter is king.

It doesn’t even matter how big the room is, or how much furniture and electrical appliances need to be disposed of. Gastronomy is one of the industries that cause the most stress. So it is reasonable not to stress about the liquidation with AFLEX, especially when it comes to the costs.

One of our employees looks at everything on site and can then decide how expensive the liquidation of the kitchen or comparable rooms must be. Contact with AFLEX is also quickly established.





With a contact form and a free phone number, the customer does not have to wait long for an answer. If the devices that are left over after liquidation are still good, they can be used further or released for donation.

The fact is, however, that if you don’t know where to put your catering furniture, etc., call AFLEX because it has the suitable means of transport in order to be able to bring all things fast to the recycling center or scrap dealer. Incidentally, all districts of Berlin should feel addressed. If the restaurant is located a little outside of Berlin, perhaps even near the highway, that is also no problem for us.


AFLEX also operates outside of Berlin, namely in the surrounding area. Everything that has a place in the kitchen, from fully automatic espresso machines to microwaves, can be brought along, which means that the liquidation isn’t only about the big things, but also about the small waste.

Why pay an extra fee for every single item at the recycling center when AFLEX makes it easy to offer a low price for everything?

With AFLEX, you save money, time and nerves. In addition, no one has to physically exert themselves when catering liquidation is handled by AFLEX.
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