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The Aflex company is at your disposal at any time with trained specialist staff for a thorough Garage Liquidation Berlin. It does not matter whether the garage belongs to a private or commercial property and how extensive the household effects to be cleared out are. Of course, all objects that are no longer required are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner at certified recycling yards as part of a Garage Liquidation Berlin.

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Are you facing problems with any of the following situations?

You can no longer park your car in the garage because it is filled almost to the ceiling with old furniture and other materials.

Broken bicycles, which are no longer worth repairing, lean in a corner.

Right next to them are a broken lawnmower and other garden tools that no longer work.

The shelves are stacked with cans of paint and varnish that have already hardened.

Grandmother’s display case no longer matches the new dining room furniture, so it ends up in the garage.

There is no more space in the basement for the garden furniture and so it can also be put in the garage for the winter months.

The above-mentioned situations are all too familiar to many people. If you finally want to restore order, you need a specialist for professional garage liquidation in Berlin.


Professionals at work

If you are interested in our garage liquidation services, just contact our office. One of our qualified professionals will explain to you in detail what work we undertake. Of course, we will fulfill any special requests because customer satisfaction is our top priority. One of our employees will come for a free inspection to get an overview of the local conditions. We will make you an offer with a fixed price guarantee based on the amount of work and the disposal costs so you don’t have to fear any hidden costs in the final invoice. We guarantee professional execution of all necessary work so that you can use the garage for your vehicle again in the future.

When you place the order for garage clearance in Berlin with us, our professionals will arrive punctually at the agreed time. We attach great importance to meeting our deadlines because we know that many customers take extra time off for this. Of course, you do not have to be present when the garage is cleared out. If we are told in advance exactly which items are not to be disposed of, we will separate them. We bring various containers and waste boxes with us for professional disposal. This allows us to dispose of garbage and trash as well as recyclables separately right on the spot. We disassemble large cabinets and other pieces of furniture so that we can transport them more easily. After the garage is empty, we take the containers to the appropriate collection points in the city.




Other services for garage liquidation

Once the garage is completely cleared out, some of our professionals immediately begin cleaning work. Upon request, we additionally carry out various renovation works. We repair damaged areas on the floor and walls. If the lighting fixture is defective, we replace it with a new lamp. Our service also includes painting and varnishing of doors and window frames. When all the necessary renovation work is done, we put your equipment and tools back on the shelves. We place bicycles and garden tools in such a way that they can easily be returned to the garage with your car.

Renovation is especially important if you no longer need the garage and want to give it back to your landlord. He will not pay you the deposit as soon as he discovers defects.

Call us if you need our assistance with a garage liquidation!


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