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Let Aflex pick up your old or disused furniture and dispose of it in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. It couldn’t be easier while relaxing at home. Benefit from our friendly team, courteous service, and attractive fixed prices. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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Furniture collection in Berlin: Who gets the bulky waste out of the house?

All old furniture has one thing in common: it takes up space that is usually needed for other more important things. But, furniture disposal costs time, energy and nerves, especially when it comes to larger amounts of bulky waste. Working people with tight schedules hardly have enough time to take care of this tiresome work, so the professionals come at the right time. AFLEX takes care of the dismantling and disposal of furniture. Among other things, the furniture collection is also on the plan of the clearing experts. AFLEX has made it its mission to be not only particularly fast and reliable but also more cost-effective than the competition.

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If you choose us as your company, you will always benefit from the prudent approach of our employees. Professionalism in combination with personal strengths distinguishes us as a partner. Our team is constantly growing so that we and especially our customers benefit from the respective skills of the individual employees. The resulting synergies, i.e. the cooperation that results as a consequence, substantiates the competence of our team. Coupled with a friendly approach, this ensures a relaxed atmosphere from which you can benefit.


Furniture Pickup and Disposal in Berlin: What pieces of furniture are included?

The collection of furniture in Berlin at AFLEX includes all the usual pieces of furniture that are normally found in private apartments and offices. In addition, other furniture may also be eligible for collection in some cases. Here, it is necessary to make an individual arrangement.

Furniture Collection and Disposal in Berlin: This furniture comes with:
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Seating elements
  • Hallway wardrobes
  • Oil paintings and canvases are also included
  • And other bulky waste depending on the type

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Well informed! The most important questions about picking up furniture in Berlin

Picking up furniture in Berlin is basically a simple matter, but there are always some questions in advance. We would like to answer these questions for you in order to clear the way for your decision.

Yes. Depending on where exactly you live, you can apply for bulky waste disposal about once or twice a year. Furniture disposal in Berlin works free of charge via this, but in this case, you have to dismantle your furniture yourself and put it on the street.

No. Prices vary in Berlin and the surrounding area as soon as the officially defined household quantity is exceeded. For example, if you take your furniture to the landfill yourself, you will also be charged fees, which can be around 110.00 euros per 1,000 kilograms. These figures are only an approximate guide. Remember: AFLEX picks up your furniture directly from your home for a small fee and disposes of it properly.

You can dispose of your sofa in Berlin, for example, by ordering the bulky waste. But before the removal, you have to disassemble the couch yourself, carry it through the staircase and put it on the street. AFLEX does this work for you and takes care of the furniture collection in Berlin without requiring you to spend your time and effort. We will gladly take other pieces of furniture that are in your way in the same move. Contact us first if you want to dispose of an old sofa in Berlin.

As with bulky waste, the costs for disposing of sofas in Berlin vary depending on where you live. They are about 5 to 10 euros, the recycling center takes about 30 euros for the first cubic meter of waste. Each additional cubic meter then costs about 5 euros.

Dispose of various pieces of furniture or an old sofa Berlin also works through AFLEX, the specialist for apartment, office and household liquidation. Ask about the favorable fixed prices!

This is what our team of furniture collection in Berlin will pick up from you

No matter whether you have bulky furniture, such as cabinets, chests of drawers, or a group of elements consisting of sofas as well as armchairs or smaller pieces of furniture that cause you problems with the disposal, our team of furniture collection in Berlin takes care of your concerns when it comes to disposing of old furniture for you. Especially customers of higher age appreciate our work. They mostly do not have the possibility to put things in the bulky waste or to dispose of pieces of furniture in a time-consuming way. The reason for this is that the tasks are often very exhausting and they do not have the support of friends or family. Our furniture collection team in Berlin acts quite differently here.

Are you wondering whether we can also pick up other items from you?

Of course, our collection service also includes taking away or disposing of old light bulbs, lamps, crockery, pictures, and any carpet leftovers.

The strong network of furniture collection in Berlin

The network of AFLEX consists of countless partners from the field of disposal, recovery and recycling industries. For this reason, our team of furniture collection in Berlin is able to pick up a large number of furniture in order to be able to deliver or hand over this to the corresponding private, state, and socially oriented institutions.

Our partners include recycling centers, which carry out an appropriate separation of the respective materials and substances.

In the social sector, there are social department stores with which we are in contact and to which we partly send furniture. They give the corresponding furniture to disadvantaged and socially weak people for a small contribution towards expenses. The strong network of furniture collection team in Berlin takes care of the disposal of your furniture in different ways.

Professional disposal with social responsibility

In doing so, the focus of our activity is not exclusively on the disposal of the relevant items. On the contrary, we see it as our duty to assume social responsibility in a society that is increasingly characterized by anonymity and performance optimization.

Furniture pickup is not the same as disposal. The furniture collection team in Berlin always endeavors to hand over well-preserved pieces of furniture to social institutions that focus on people who are not doing so well socially. There are a lot of people who appreciate the services of the team of furniture collection in Berlin. It should be obvious to you that this is not possible for all pieces of furniture.

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No problem. Our employees of AFLEX Clearing out, especially the team of furniture collection in Berlin, are looking forward to your inquiry. If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you, also over the phone. Simply contact us for this purpose.