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If you want to dispose of electrical appliances in Berlin and the surrounding area in a relaxed way, we should get to know each other. We take care of the removal and its eco-friendly disposal at certified recycling yards and all that at reasonable fixed prices after a free preliminary inspection at your home. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!

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Aflex is your competent partner for the disposal of electrical appliances in Berlin. Electrical appliances usually contain toxic substances or precious metals. Many electrical appliances also contain batteries, for example in a computer. For the disposal of electrical appliances, there are legal regulations regarding environmental protection.

We at Aflex, are familiar with the law and also know the Battery Ordinance. We have good contact with the municipal collection points and work closely with the recycling centers. We attach great importance to the proper disposal of electrical equipment.

Whether it is a PC monitor, television, or other flat-screen devices, we at Aflex take everything away and dispose of it. We dismantle the equipment as soon as possible after collection to ensure that the pollutants are no longer a danger.

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Electrical appliances are divided into five groups for disposal:

This classification is only important to those of us who work in the waste disposal industry. We at Aflex, respond quickly and friendly to your request. We are always there for you and support you in the professional disposal of electronic waste. Furthermore, our services are all very affordable.

We dispose of electrical appliances from public institutions, large and small companies, and households across Berlin. You do not have to store your old electrical appliances somewhere, just call us and we will come by today and take the appliances. Our employees have received the best training possible and work efficiently and quickly.

Aflex services will assist you with the disposal of electrical appliances in Berlin. Therefore, if you have any concerns, please contact us or request a non-binding offer for disposal.

We are looking forward to your call.

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In Berlin, you can dispose of your e-waste at a recycling center near you, where you can dispose of small and large devices professionally free of charge.

All dealers who sell electrical appliances with an area of at least 400 square meters must take back small electrical appliances, such as cell phones, toasters and remote controls, with an edge length of no more than 25 cm. It does not matter where you buy the old appliances. If the old electronic appliances, such as washing machine, TV, printer, are larger than 25 cm, the retailer must take them back free of charge when buying new appliances of the same type. However, you should mention this in advance.

You can throw small electrical appliances such as irons, PC accessories, burnt-out light bulbs, or hair dryers belong in the yellow garbage bin.

The old refrigerator can usually be taken to a recycling center near you free of charge. If you are buying a new refrigerator at the same time, you can arrange with the seller to take the old appliance with you.

The old dishwasher can be picked up by utility companies in the vicinity. Check with the city or municipality to see if this service is offered. Alternatively, you can hire a private scrap dealer to pick it up. If the appliance is handed over free of charge, the collection is usually also free of charge.

The old kettle must not be disposed of in the residual waste garbage can. Small household appliances up to 25 centimeters in size can be returned free of charge to an electronics store or even a nearby electrical retailer.

Old telephones can simply be handed in and disposed of as electronic waste at a nearby recycling center.