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Not only from a psychological point of view, relatives can hardly be expected to clean the crime scene. Even for practical reasons, laypeople can usually not master this task, as there is no necessary knowledge and no necessary equipment.

Let us, the Berlin professional crime scene cleaners from Aflex, do the work for you. We are happy to answer all your questions about cleaning the crime scene in Berlin. Call us and speak to one of our well-trained employees. Together we will face your crime scene cleaning in Berlin.


The place where a person died usually triggers strong emotions, especially those closely related to the deceased. Regardless of the type of death, contamination is always found where the corpse is found and it must be removed.

For relatives, however, this task is a great challenge due to special circumstances that they can hardly cope with. This is especially true if the death was due to a violent crime. But even without homicides, the cleansing of the morgue is usually not carried out by relatives.

Leave this task to professional crime scene cleaners in Berlin. We take care of your concerns carefully, discreetly and professionally.

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Losing a loved one is always a huge emotional burden. We, as Tatortreiniger Berlin, help with our professionalism and a classic service.

As a rule, it is necessary to provide special services relating to hygiene and disinfection within a short period of time. And this is where we come in. Just give us a call and together we will discuss all further details and steps.


After the body has been found in the living room or in the car, we will remove all traces and odors for you. In the event of suicide, accident or lying in bed for a long time. If deaths occur in the apartment or house that have not been discovered for a long time, special cleaning is particularly necessary.

We are certified crime scene cleaners and help where others feel uncomfortable. We make sure that there are no traces of the original crime scene.

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Your concern was not listed? Do you have any unanswered questions about our service? Or would you like more information? Then simply contact us – whether by phone, e-mail or using our inquiry form – we will be happy to help you and clarify all your concerns.

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