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A company relocation requires particularly careful planning so that the business operation of a company are not excessively disrupted during the implementation of the move. Aflex is very familiar with company relocations in Berlin and the surrounding area and carries them out quickly and reliably. Thus, the business operations of your company can be resumed at the new location in the shortest possible time. Call us so that we can arrange a personal meeting with you!

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If you are planning to relocate your company, it is important to organize everything well. Make sure that there are no mistakes during the moving phases for your office, so that everything goes well. A company move cannot be compared to a normal private move. Therefore, you should plan the move for the office several months before the moving date and especially rely on a good moving company for your company move in Berlin.

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Important details for the company move in Berlin

Create a suitable relocation concept for your company move in Berlin or find a professional for this. On the subject of office relocation in Berlin, there are particularly reputable providers who can offer you a complete package. The services for this are very extensive, so you can concentrate on the essentials. A commercial move in Berlin requires many movers and above all expertise so that nothing goes wrong.

On the subject of moving company for your company relocation Berlin, you can research in advance and look for good customer reviews so that you can make a closer choice. Not every moving company can do the company move in Berlin for you. After all, this also requires appropriate equipment for transportation. Also, keep in mind the statutory notice periods when it comes to giving notice to your old office space in good time. If you follow a good plan, inform your employees that your company will be relocating in the near future. After all, some of them may even be affected by their own relocation if it is necessary.

Therefore, communicate the specific relocation date with your moving company for your company relocation in Berlin as soon as possible, so that all parties involved can orientate themselves to it. Always remain easily contactable with your company during all phases of the move. In this way, you can avoid losing customers or turnover.

Clearing out service for your office move in Berlin

During your office move in Berlin, it is necessary to change addresses and inform all customers or business partners. This includes, for example, the following:

  • Subscriptions and newspapers
  • Service staff and suppliers
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance Association
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • District court
  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Trade Licensing Office
  • Tax office

In advance, with regard to a moving company for your company move in Berlin, you can also think about whether you would like to make use of additional services for clearing out and disposal on site. You may not need all the furniture that is currently available in the new office. You can avoid further problems with a well-thought-out furnishing plan.

Therefore, during your commercial move in Berlin, it matters what you do with the things that you no longer need. By the way, this moment of the company move is perfect for finally clearing out. Used furnishings can be disposed of, just as well you can part with old files that no one needs anymore. It is best to proceed according to a carefully prepared inventory list. This way, you’ll have more control and a better overview.

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Company relocation in Berlin - Moving company recommend no stopping zone

A so-called no-stopping zone is quite particularly recommended so that you do not have to fear any problems with your company relocation in Berlin. In this way, you can check the situation at both the current old and the new location for your company. Possibly, it can be a bit complicated if there is a lack of parking space. As far as entrances and parking options are concerned, it is, therefore, worthwhile to apply for a no-stopping zone and to set it up early enough. As the client, you decide for yourself whether this no-parking zone makes sense for your company relocation in Berlin or not. This no-stopping zone can be designed either single or double-sided.

Commercial move in Berlin - On the day of the move

The day of your commercial move in Berlin is exciting for everyone involved, but here you should also avoid mistakes. Even if you are looking forward to the new premises for the company, you should still hand over the keys correctly and keep a joint log to uncover and clarify any damage. With this in mind, you may need a professional on the subject of painting work and more. Also, in connection with your commercial relocation in Berlin, pre-damages with such a protocol should be recorded and documented well from the start. This way, you can avoid many problems.



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