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Your specialists from AFLEX for clearing out work in Zeuthen

Do you have a lot of stuff in your garage that you should have been disposed of a long time ago?
Is the cellar inaccessible due to the presence of old furniture, broken bicycles, and gardening tools?
Are you unable to find any more space in the attic because you have put defective electrical appliances and many useless things?

Now is the time for you to consider decluttering in Zeuthen. Our service company AFLEX is at your disposal for this work. We clear your garage, attic, and basement quickly and reliably. You will have enough space again to park your vehicle in your garage or to store your sports equipment and other things in the basement.


More quality of living through professional clearing out company in Zeuthen

Our specialized company is contacted daily by customers who can no longer find a way out. The garage is so crowded that they can no longer park their vehicle. Access to the basement is already impossible because boxes and cartons block the way. Just give us a call and we will take care of a professional de-cluttering. One of our qualified employees will be happy to come to you to get an overview of the extent of the clearing out. We will then provide you with a package deal for the amount of work and disposal. This way, you don’t have to worry about additional costs that might exceed your budget.

We guarantee that all work will be carried out professionally because of the expertise of our specialist employees. Our experts know how to clear garages and other portions of buildings swiftly because it is part of their daily practice. We dispose of scrap metal and garbage as well as recyclable materials directly on-site in various containers that we bring for clearing. This means that disposal is not a problem as we take the containers and mesh boxes to the appropriate collection points in Zeuthen. You can save a lot of money by using this service because




Clearing out of industrial and commercial premises

Of course, our service company in Zeuthen also takes care of de-cluttering in Zeuthen and the surrounding area for commercial customers. If production facilities have to be dissolved due to a move, we take care of the disposal of production waste and old machines or entire plants. Our specialists take over the dismantling of production facilities and ensure that the various materials are properly separated into the containers provided by us. After the complete clearing out of the halls, our employees carefully clean the floors, walls, and windows. As a result, you can easily outlive the property to your landlord.


If necessary, we will additionally carry out all the necessary renovation work so that you do not have problems with your landlord when returning the property. A new coat of paint will give the walls a fresh look. Our experts will carefully repair damage to window frames and doors, as well as remove cracks in the floors. We may also replace floor coverings that no longer meet the requirements. You do not have to be concerned about your deposit being lost because of our company’s comprehensive service.

Just call our head office if you need a specialist for clearing out in Zeuthen!

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