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Clearing out in Wustermark from the specialist

Clearing out can be an unpleasant experience because it can rapidly turn into a complex process, leaving the private individual involved feeling overwhelmed. You can save yourself this stress by getting a professional team to help you clear out things. We are such a company that performs clearing work in Wustermark in a fast, cost-effective, and trouble-free manner. Our professional approach is also illustrated by the fact that a free inspection appointment is made at the beginning. In this meeting, all possible problems will be discussed and taken into account accordingly. Then we are able to agree on a fixed price, ensuring that you are on the safe side in terms of costs.

Wohnungsauflösungen kommen oft unerwartet

Apartment liquidations often come unexpectedly

Apartment liquidation often comes unexpectedly and can pose a number of problems. For example, if the job is changed or a move to another city is connected with it, then you’ll need to liquidate your apartment quickly. It is not just a matter of organizing the move; the registration and deregistration or the changes of bank data are just two examples. Another reason can be the death of a close relative. In such cases, entrust the move to a competent team.

Our employees handle such cases with great sensitivity and keep all avoidable burdens away from you. If a house has to be liquidated, the amount of household goods is often immeasurable. Older people, in particular, have left behind vast amounts of household goods, various utensils, and beloved pieces of furniture over the course of time. Since the physical strain in such a case is enormous, you must rely on trained personnel.




Office liquidations – Usually extremely extensive

In most cases, a business or office liquidation is much more extensive than private household liquidation. Often a company has a large number of office rooms, which also have a lot of bulky furniture such as desks, cabinets, or office chairs. In such a case, one is usually overwhelmed to manage all this stress without adequate help. Another problem consists of a lot of paper waste as well as highly sensitive data which should not get into the hands of unauthorized persons.

With us, you have found the company that will take care of the professional disposal of this data. In the case of an office liquidation, an initial free inspection appointment is also highly recommended in order to precisely analyze the entire extent of the liquidation. This way, possible problems such as a bad parking situation or a narrow staircase can be taken into account.

Büroauflösungen – meist äußerst umfangreich

When it comes to renovations, we are at your side with advice and support

Renovation work is frequently on the list after the liquidation or de-cluttering has been completed. In the case of rental properties, it is often the case that the apartment not only has to be swept clean but also renovated. This is then an additional burden for the tenant and can become problematic if he or she does not have the appropriate expertise. But even in such a case, you do not need to despair, because we also carry out all renovation work professionally so that you do not have to fear possible difficulties with the former landlord when handing over the apartment. We will wallpaper your walls and ceilings and will also paint them afterward. In addition, we are able to lay various floor coverings such as laminate or tiles.

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