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Clearing out in Wandlitz – We create space for new inspirations

Year after year, items accumulate in basements, garages, or attics that are no longer really needed, but you don’t like to throw them away, though. Unfortunately, the day comes when you have to dispose of them because you need space for new ideas. It is very difficult to find the necessary space on your own, especially since many different materials have to be disposed of separately these days.

In addition, it’s beyond the scope of a normal trash pickup. So, what to do? In this case, one call to us is enough and we will clean up your place. We create space for new things quickly and professionally. Everything will be sparkling clean and pure.

As a specialized company, we are your partner for clearing out apartments, entire houses, or simply individual rooms.
If you can’t manage it on your own, then hire our all-round service. You leave the complete de-cluttering in Wandlitz and the subsequent cleaning to us. The premises are then handed over in a broom-clean condition. Of course, you can clear out the clutter yourself and in that case, we will provide you with the desired waste container.


Systematic clearing out with expertise

The reason is not decisive. A plan should be available and an appropriate date should be set so that clearing out can be carried out perfectly. In this way, everything works smoothly because our employees work hand in hand with each other on-site.

Once the project has been initiated, excuses are useless. The larger the area to be cleared, the more time should be planned. We will be happy to go through with you what you should keep and what we should take away before we start because, in this way, you always have an overview with the help of lists.

Professional clearing out according to plan

In most cases, the reason for clearing out is a move to a new apartment or retirement home. The death of a close relative can also be the cause. There are also people who like to clear out regularly so that there is no overcrowding in the first place.

Important: let go of the old!

Some people find it incredibly difficult to part with things until nothing works anymore. Systematic clearing out helps here. This means that pre-sorting becomes necessary. If things are no longer functional, you can safely dispose of them. It can be helpful to repeat this procedure several times. In this way, our work is also facilitated and this also affects the cost.




Declutter on your own or hire a professional company?

We are your experienced partner when it comes to clearing out houses, apartments, garages, basements, or office buildings. If you do everything yourself, it is certainly cheaper. However, it takes nerve strength and a lot of time. If you want to save yourself the stress, leave the complete decluttering to us. We will clear out, sort, and dispose of all materials professionally.

We are equipped with energetic employees with suitable transport vehicles and the knowledge “where to put it”! In addition, we are very familiar with hazardous waste such as motor oil, spray cans, or paint. In some cases, there is the possibility, if there are items in good condition, not to transport them to the bulky waste for a fee, but to donate them.

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