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AFLEX – Your partner for clearing out in Velten

Are you finding it difficult to park your car since the garage is entirely overcrowded?
The damaged lawnmower and defective children’s bicycles are in one corner, and no one needs them any longer. Empty canisters and cans of hardened paint are stored on the shelves.

There are many other things on the floor that you will never use again. Now is the time that you should dispose of everything. If you are not able to do this work, our service company is your competent partner. Our wide range of services includes professional de-cluttering in Velten. We guarantee fast execution of all tasks assigned to us.


Your professional for clearing out in Velten

Whether you are emptying the attic or you need to clean out a basement and garage, just give us a call at our headquarters. One of our expert employees will take care of your request immediately. We will come to you to get an overview of the extent of the disposal on-site to prepare a cost estimate. We promise that you will pay exactly the quoted price and that you will not have to worry about any hidden costs when billing.

Before we begin the de-cluttering process, we will clarify with you what equipment and materials you still need. Accordingly, the rest will end up in the containers we provide you with. During the disposal, we separate the garbage and trash from problematic and recyclable materials. This enables professional delivery to the appropriate collection points.

Our company takes care of clearing out not only for private households but we also carry out the clearing of warehouse and office liquidation. Commercial customers often request that clearing out take place on the weekend or after work hours. This is not a problem for our specialists because the customer is king for us. We respond to all requests because customer satisfaction is our top priority. Thanks to many years of experience and routine, our professionals know exactly where to tackle first. They work hand in hand and thus clearing out small garages as well as large warehouses is a piece of cake for our team. At times, it is also necessary to clear out a production hall at short notice due to a company relocation. In such a case, we can execute your order quickly by rescheduling our appointments.



Further services in the field of clearing out

When all the garbage, trash, and old furniture are removed from attics and basements, we take care of cleaning the floors and removing dust as well as cobwebs from the walls. We will also clean your garage and put wheels and other equipment that are left behind in a corner. Now you can finally drive your car into the garage again. In the attic, you have now space for old cupboards and showcases that you don’t want to part with. The ski equipment and other sports equipment can be clearly sorted in the basement. Our professional staff is looking forward to the order after clearing out in Velten.

Just get in touch with us if you need a specialist in clearing out Velten and the surrounding area!

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