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Clearing out in Trebbin from professionals

If you have to clear out things, this can not be done without problems. Many problems are not recognized in advance and then cause a lot of stress during the clearing work. This does not have to be the case if you hand over the entire clearing process to the professionals. We are a professional team and carry out clearing work in Trebbin inexpensively and easily. First of all, you will benefit from a free initial appointment.

During this appointment, the scope of the clearing out will be analyzed. Then, a fixed price will be agreed upon based on that appointment. This way you are on the safe side that no hidden costs will arise in the further course. We are extremely flexible when it comes to clearing out in Trebbin. In addition to apartments, we also clear out basements, attics, offices, or garden areas.


Leave an office liquidation to professionals

A liquidation of office and business premises usually has a completely different dimension than the liquidation of a private household. The number of rooms is usually relatively high and there is also a large amount of bulky furniture such as desks, material cabinets, bulky office chairs, or counters. Such a liquidation requires a certain number of people who should also have an appropriate physical presence; private individuals are often overwhelmed with such an undertaking

But, not only furniture has to be disposed of during an office liquidation but also there is usually a lot of paper waste, which usually includes confidential documents. The disposal of this sensitive data is professionally carried out by our company so that you do not have to worry about information being made accessible to unauthorized persons or third parties. Please make an appointment in advance so that one of our employees can inspect the extent of the liquidation.

Apartment liquidation in all circumstances

An apartment liquidation can hit a person quite suddenly. In some cases, a change of job is necessary and a move to a new city must be planned quickly. In such cases, we can provide adequate assistance. Leave the complete move to our competent team so that you can take care of the rest of the organizational matters in peace.

It is also very difficult to liquidate an apartment when a close relative suddenly dies. The psychological burden in such cases is enormous so you should leave the liquidation of your apartment to a professional team. In such a case, our employees proceed with the necessary sensitivity and handle the process as uncomplicatedly as possible. Please contact us in case of any dicey situation. We will surely find the best possible solution to the problem.

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Get help when you need it

In many cases of clearing out or liquidation of apartments, the apartment or house must not only be handed over swept clean but also renovated. This is often associated with considerable craftsmanship that drives some private individuals into despair. You have found a trustworthy partner in us even in such a situation. We carry out all renovations from wallpapering and painting to the laying of various floor coverings (Laminate, tiles, etc.). If you do not have any technical expertise, this is certainly advisable to hire a professional before there are complaints from the landlord.

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