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Professional clearing out in Strausberg

Decluttering or clearing out can pose problems for many people. This is usually due to the fact that one simply does not have enough experience in this area because often the whole extent is underestimated in advance and then during the clearing out process, problems occur, which are associated with great stress. You are in good hands with our team because we clear out your apartment or house quickly and inexpensively. We perform extremely customer-oriented work and if necessary, we also come at the weekend to carry out the clearing in Strausberg.

We offer our service for private and business customers alike. Especially the clearing out of business premises has to be done extremely fast. Our experts can locate all possible problems in advance so that an uncomplicated clearing out is guaranteed. Of course, we also offer our clearing services for basements and outdoor areas.


Apartment Liquidations – Often unexpected

An apartment liquidation often comes unexpectedly and suddenly and poses great challenges for the person concerned. For example, a career change and a related move to a new city can make an apartment liquidation essential. Another cause can be the death of a relative, in such a case, the emotional burden is added. If an entire house, along with the basement and attic, has to be liquidated, it is almost logical that a private person will be overwhelmed.

There is often a lot of household goods in basement rooms and attics, the disposal of which is also very physically resilient. In such a case, you are at the right address with us because our employees proceed with the necessary sensitivity and professional competence. If you are dissolving a rental property, the property must generally be swept clean when it is handed over. A broom-clean handover is standard with our company so that you are also on the safe side in this respect

Office Liquidation from Professional Declutterer

Office liquidations usually surpass apartment liquidations by multiple times in complexity. If you need to liquidate office or business premises, it is recommended to hire a professional de-clutterer in any case. We are such a company with the necessary expertise and years of experience to carry out such an office liquidation quickly and cost-effectively.

Just like with a private liquidation, a free appointment is scheduled at the beginning in which all points such as the number of rooms and furnishings or the traffic and parking situation on-site are analyzed. Offices are often equipped with a large number of bulky furniture such as cabinets, desks, or counters and disposal also places high demands on the physical capacity of the individual employees. Of course, offices contain a great deal of confidential and sensitive data. You can fully rely on us that these will be disposed of properly so that no information can leak to third parties.




Professional renovation, if necessary

It is not uncommon for apartments to be renovated when they are handed over. If you are not a craftsman, this can pose major problems. Especially the laying of floor coverings such as laminate or tiles is hardly feasible without certain expertise. Of course, we can also take on such work if required, regardless of whether walls or ceilings are to be wallpapered and painted or a new floor covering is to be laid. Simply make an appointment with one of our employees and he will take a look at the conditions on-site. A fixed price will be agreed upon following this inspection so that you are also on the safe side in terms of costs.

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