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Are you looking for a clearing company in Petershagen?
AFLEX is your competent company in the field of providing clearing out services in Petershagen. In addition to this, however, it offers various other related services.

Why should you hire a clearing company?
Each person has a different situation and so there are many motivations here as well.
First of all, the question is, do you have sufficient time to familiarize yourself with the legal situation?
Fines can be imposed if you carry out the clearing out work without following the legal rules.


Assuming you know your way around or have the time and opportunity to read up on all the legal issues involved, from proper disposal, correct transportation to registration, but what about the actual transport? You will need an appropriate vehicle and, in addition, you will also need to clear out the house. For this, you need people (friends, acquaintances, colleagues) who have time and can help.

Of course, you can hardly blame your volunteers for minor clumsiness. For example, dents and dings are often involuntary byproducts of the clearing out process. Furthermore, injuries can always occur, for example, cuts with glass products are a common cause of injury during decluttering hazards.

This coordination necessitates the availability of enough helpers at the same time, as well as the management of work steps in addition to your everyday routine.

So one of the reasons is the profession in addition to time and costs above all strength. Friends and acquaintances are sometimes out of reach, even in terms of location.

In addition, clearing out often happens when something has happened such as death or separation. Perhaps your own mother also had to go to the nursing home.

Everything has to be done in this emotional state of emergency before you can rent it out.

Apartments that have been neglected for a long time deteriorate very quickly and cause the value of the property to drop significantly.

In the end, even if no buyer is found and no one wants to rent, there is a risk of losing money since certain costs are permanent, regardless of the use.

Here you get a service from A to Z. You can ask for a quote, but you are not obligated to accept it. of course, many reasons speak in favor of having the AFLEX team do this work.

This is how we offer you quality. We work too reliably. Appointments are kept and designed according to the available possibilities to your wishes. In addition, we work very cleanly. Apartments that are cleared out are often so dirty that certain tricks prove helpful.

We have experience and can apply our expertise. In addition to our equipment, it helps us that we do the job quickly through knowledge and a certain routine, as already indicated. In addition, we know the legal conditions. Don’t be worried about transportation or disposal with us.




Summarized advantages

Speed through routine
Reliability in terms of both quality and deadlines
Good service, answering all questions, and providing friendly help and advice
Competence around the topic of waste disposal, furniture pick-up, etc.

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