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Clearing out apartments, basements, attics, etc.

If you need help clearing out your apartments, basements, attics, etc., you should hire a professional. We are a company that will help you with advice and action when clearing out in Oranienburg. We not only clear out apartments but also basements, attics, offices, or outdoor areas such as a garden shed if required.

We offer an excellent all-round service and a fair price-performance ratio. You benefit from an initial free inspection appointment at the property, at which a fixed price can then be submitted to you, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs. This appointment is extremely important since only then can our company take into account possible difficulties such as a cramped staircase or an unfavorable parking situation during a clear-out in Oranienburg.


Professional disposal of confidential data during office liquidations

In addition to furniture disposal, there is another aspect to office liquidation. Many business premises contain strictly confidential and highly sensitive data that should not fall into the hands of third parties. Therefore, disposal must be carried out extremely professionally to avoid this. We have adequate staff who are always able to dispose of such data appropriately.

During an office liquidation, however, the physical strain must also be considered. Since several rooms usually have to be dissolved here, which are equipped with bulky furniture such as material cabinets, computer desks, or various shelves, you are dependent on resilient employees. In addition, the time factor plays a decisive role in office liquidation because such an undertaking must often take place within one or a few days.




Apartment liquidation due to a Move

When clearing out an apartment, you usually have to act quickly, for example, when moving. Leave the clearing out and the transport of the furniture to our competent employees so that you can take care of other organizational things. The situation is certainly even more stressful when an apartment liquidation becomes necessary due to an unexpected death. In addition to the liquidation, there is also grief, which might make the burden too much to bear. You can rely on the fact that even in such a case our employees will proceed with the utmost sensitivity and keep all unpleasant and avoidable burdens away from you.

If a whole house has to be cleared over several floors, a lot of household goods have to be removed; this, too, puts a lot of physical strain on private individuals. But even if you are not under time pressure during a house clearance, you should not take this matter lightly. Especially in winter, there is often damp and cold weather, and damp spots can arise in the property. If the rooms are detached, they can dry out again during the next dry period. However, if the house or apartment is covered with furniture, household goods, and boxes, this is prevented and mold can develop resulting in unpleasant subsequent costs.

Renovations of all kinds

When it comes to handing over the apartment or house renovated, you have also found a trustworthy partner in us. We wallpaper and paint your walls and ceilings so that there are no problems with the landlord during the handover. Even the fitting of various floor coverings, such as laminate or tiles, is no problem for our professional team.

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