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Clearing Nauen – Professional and Inexpensive

Clearing out is often seen as an annoying task and is therefore quickly pushed onto the long track. However, with a good clearing service, you don’t have to worry about anything. We offer our customers good service with a fair price-performance ratio. A decluttering in Nauen is no problem even on weekends, for example, if you are prevented by work on weekdays. We offer our clearing services for private individuals as well as for companies.

Years of experience are necessary, especially in the case of a company move, to ensure that the entire process can be carried out quickly and without problems. The organization is important for a clearing out. Therefore, a free on-site appointment takes place before the actual clearing out, in which our employees can get an exact picture of the situation. In this way, any problems such as the parking space situation can be factored in advance.We not only clear out apartments in Nauen, but we also take care of offices, basements, and gardens.


Apartment Liquidation with the right partner

Apartment Liquidations often pose a problem for many people. It is not uncommon for such liquidation to come suddenly, for example, when a relative dies. In addition to the grief that has to be dealt with, the organization of an apartment liquidation is then simply too much. In such cases, we are a partner who can provide you with the necessary sensitivity and advice. If a whole house has to be liquidated, there is usually also a lot of household goods in the attic or in the cellar.

In addition to the emotional strain, this is also often associated with enormous physical stress, necessitating the assistance of a professional in this regard. As a rule, the landlord requires that the apartment be broom-clean when it is handed over. In this case, you can fully rely on our team, because a broom-clean handover is part of the standard offer of our company.




Office Liquidation – Often a complex matter

An office liquidation in Nauen can become a complex matter. When dissolving business and office premises, it is always advisable to use the services of a professional clearer. We have the relevant expertise, so we can identify any pitfalls and obstacles in advance. In the course of time, a lot of office utensils and paper waste accumulate. In addition, a lot of office furniture such as desks, cabinets, counters, etc. are extremely bulky and present in large numbers in the office complex.

This becomes a very big physical challenge that can only be adequately carried out by appropriate specialized personnel. Also, in the case of office liquidation, you will benefit from an initial free inspection appointment, in which the number and size of the offices to be liquidated and the quantity of furnishings will be determined. You can also fully rely on us when it comes to data protection because we ensure that sensitive data is disposed of professionally so that it does not reach third parties in an undesirable way.

We also help with a necessary renovation

Often an apartment must be handed over not only swept clean but also renovated. In such a case, you have also found the right partner in us; renovation work such as painting and wallpapering walls and ceilings and laying laminate or tiles are no problem for our competent team. Benefit from our customer-friendly service here as well. In a corresponding appointment, we can then agree on a fixed price so that you do not have to pay any hidden costs.

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