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There is a real estate boom in Germany. This is also continuing due to the cheap money of the ECB policy. How long is another topic?

Many rental properties are being created as a result of the numerous apartments being built.

Moreover, in an increasingly aging society, there are nevertheless more and more homes where a woman still lives alone, without descendants. Of course, there are other cases as well.

You can meet this responsibility, if affected, in a variety of ways. Even in the case of a separation in a common household, it can be useful to resort to a specialist company for clearing services in Mühlenbecker Land. AFLEX is such a specialized company. You will learn about the benefits below.


The situation in which an apartment needs to be vacated is often difficult to predict. For example, if one of the partners leaves and you are restricted in your job, or if a parent passes away and the emotions are still very much in your stomach. These, as well as a variety of other reasons such as moving to a new apartment, having arguments with neighbors, and so on, can serve as triggers.

When the right time comes, the following questions stuck in our minds:
Can friends, acquaintances, colleagues or family help?

Is the neighbor helpful and can they take their time?
But that would not even come close to solving the whole thing. All helping persons must be available in sufficient measure at the same time. A smaller problem should be the professional equipment. When clearing out, various dangers can threaten, the cutting of glass objects or sharp objects, the infection with certain germs and bacteria, or, of course, with correspondingly heavy objects, further unpleasant injuries.If the object is to be used again, it should also have a neutral odor or at least be hygienically safe from a health point of view.

you have to organize all this. In addition, you also have to transport the items.

Proper transport prevents fines and correspondingly serious traffic accidents. In addition to transportation and the associated legal requirements, there is an even more strictly controlled area i.e. Disposal. Fortunately, most people nowadays believe that it is not okay to dump trash in the forest. There are professional disposal options here.

AFLEX is happy to help you here




The company specializes in waste disposal, transport, and clearing. All related activities are carefully carried out under the currently prevailing legal regulations. Thus, you save time, because the employees, despite their friendly nature, quickly complete the work thanks to the routine.

Here, our expertise helps to get even dirty apartments clean again. This expertise is kept at a high level through continuous training and courses.

Also, certain furniture that you don’t want to throw away or sell, we will gladly donate to local charities for you.

We are also happy to donate certain furniture to local charitable associations that you do not want to throw away or sell.

Enjoy the first-class service. AFLEX Clearing Services in Mühlenbecker Land is at your side with advice and support.

Further information such as contact details can of course be found on the AFLEX homepage.

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