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Professionals for clearing services in Ludwigsfelde

Are you unable to park your car since the garage is entirely overcrowded?
Are you moving and need to clear out the basement and attic?
A complete clearing out is also necessary if a dear relative goes to a nursing home or when a messie gets his apartment evicted. If you don’t have the time to do this task yourself, why not contact a professional for such services? Among other things, our company specializes in household liquidations and clearing out services in Ludwigsfelde.


Clearing out services for commercial customers

We work not only for private clients, but we also carry out decluttering for industrial and commercial enterprises, as well as hotels and public institutions. When production facilities are liquidated, all raw materials that are still in storage must be disposed of. All waste generated during production must also be removed. When a site is relocated, various inventory is often left behind, which must also be taken to the appropriate collection points. The landlord requires that the premises must be handed over to him in a broom-clean condition. In public institutions, basements and attics are often used as archives.

After a certain period of time, the records should be removed from storage and disposed of. It is unreasonable to expect staff to carry heavy boxes of information material into vans in front of the entrance. For such cases, our professionals are immediately on the spot. You tell us which documents are to be disposed of. We pack the material into boxes and load them into our carts. Then we take the documents for recycling. Of course, we make sure that no documents can fall into the wrong hands.

Many of our customers come from the catering and hotel industries. But we also work for retail chains as well as small stores. Time and again, equipment and materials end up in storage rooms until there is no room for anything. Guests always forget things in their rooms when they leave the hotel and they are stored for a while. In stores, empty boxes, returned merchandise, and defective items often end up in a storage room. Therefore, the room should be emptied at regular intervals. Our service company in Ludwigsfelde is your ideal partner for all of these tasks. We are quick and professional to ensure order!




Your competent partner for a professional clearing out service in Ludwigsfelde and its surroundings


Just contact us if you need a specialist for clearing and disposal. Our expert team of employees will complete all tasks to your satisfaction. Thanks to their many years of experience in this field, our professionals know exactly how to get the job done in the best and most efficient way. With us, you benefit from our punctuality and smooth processing. Even if garages and basements are full of unusable equipment, scrap as well as garbage, our professionals guarantee quick disposal into the different containers, which we will of course make available to you.

In the case of Messy apartments, the work takes longer because our personnel must first work their way through the waste and garbage. The accumulation of magazines, empty bottles, and other unusable things that have piled up in your Messy apartment over the years must be disposed of completely. In most cases, the entire apartment is also completely disinfected.

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