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Decluttering causes stress in most people’s minds. It is not uncommon for it to occur when a move to a nursing home is pending, a death has occurred, or an old property has been purchased that still contains the possessions of the previous owner. When it comes to clearing out in Königs Wusterhausen, you should absolutely hire a specialist company to help you avoid reaching your logistical and physical limits. This not only saves time but is also particularly fast and effective.


AFLEX is your competent partner for clearing out services

So if you don’t know what to do about clearing out Königs Wusterhausen, you should contact the experienced specialist company quickly and without obligation. First, arrange an inspection appointment with our experienced employees. This is the best way to get an overview of the upcoming job. At this appointment, you can not only clarify any questions that may arise but also immediately receive a cost estimate for the clearing out services.

Clearing also includes the basement rooms and the attic belonging to the apartment or house. After the job, the property is handed over to the client in a swept clean condition. This is not only particularly fast but also saves time, because who likes to rummage around in trash and garbage?




Waste separation is also taken into account when clearing out

For the above-mentioned reason, you should rather turn to the experienced employees of AFLEX for this job. Here, large containers are placed, where the garbage is separated during the sorting out. This is almost impossible to do on your own. Among other things, it is sorted into construction waste, recycling waste, or household waste. Everything that is no longer needed then ends up in the waste compactor. You don’t have to worry about that yourself either. It is quite enough to give the key to the house or apartment in experienced hands. If you still want to be there, you can of course do so. Here, upon request, the clearing out can also take place in several stages.

However, make sure to commission the clearing out promptly. Nothing is worse than being pressed for time by acting too late because the deadlines overlap with the handover of the house or apartment.

AFLEX will also be happy to advise you on this topic by telephone. Here you can also ask for an exact checklist to be perfectly prepared.

Not everything is meant for the trash compactor

During a clear-out, not everything goes into the trash compactor. Often there is still valuable furniture, lamps, jewelry, silverware, or fine carpets in the property. Here, the client can of course sort and select in advance. However, this is very laborious and takes time. In many cases, documents or savings books are discovered in old beds or cupboards only on the day of the clearing out.

These are of course handed over to the owner and listed. Here, the client can decide for himself whether he wants to sell the furniture himself or whether the specialist company should carry out the sale of value on his behalf. A protocol is then made here of everything that is still to be sold. The proceeds can be offset against the order costs on demand.

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