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If you have a pile of rubbish in your basement, attic or garage, please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course, over the course of life, all sorts of bulky items or broken things accumulate. This is completely normal and probably affects all of us.

However, if you are thinking about how you can actually start a private clearing campaign, consider that competent clearing out at Falkensee can save you a lot of work and nerves. Maybe you don’t have the desire or strength to clear out everything yourself and muck out barns or sheds from the ground up.


Bring your rooms into shape and create space to live. Our expert clearing team can get down to business with their strong hands. Even if you don’t have the time because you’re too busy professionally or you still have to deal with other private things. Grab the problem of clearing out by the hair, create order and free your soul from all the unnecessary ballast. And yet, if you are standing in front of it alone or want to clear the ship with the help of friends and acquaintances, you can sometimes get into trouble.

Some of the helpers don’t even come on the clearing-out day because something got in the way. The other “doers” may have fallen ill and suddenly have to stay in bed. If the question now arises: “How am I supposed to do all this on my own?” Don’t panic! The reliable clearing out Falkensee is there for you and actively supports you in your projects. You might also be a little reluctant to hire a clearing service because you’re so embarrassed about the whole situation. It is also often cluttered messie apartments that give cause for concern.




We can really reassure you in this case, because there is absolutely nothing that the experienced colleagues from the clearing team have not already seen. Our friendly staff can’t be bothered or at the edge of their strength so quickly. The expert clearing out Falkensee is there for you quickly even in this “apparently hopeless” situation and knows how to proceed.

So conserve your energy, save time and try to stay “relaxed”. After all, nothing is as bad as when the problems get stuck on you! Maybe your grandmother’s apartment clearance is on the agenda or you are planning to move.

Don’t take all of grandmother’s home furnishings with you to your new home. Also consider whether it is even worth selling all the stuff at the flea market. Keep in mind that this endeavor will cost you quite a bit of booth fee and you will need to get all things there. It is possible that business is not going as well as you initially thought, and in the worst case you drag everything back. Then you wouldn’t have achieved anything at the end of the day and your valuable time would only have been wasted. You can expect qualified and professional advice from our experienced clearing company. So feel free to ask us!

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