Clearing Out Services in Erkner

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Clearing Out Services in Erkner

It is not uncommon for a large amount of junk to accumulate throughout the entire apartment, as well as any adjacent garages, cellars, or attics, during the clearing out process. It’s not just a nerve-wracking task, but it’s also a logistical challenge to dispose of this yourself. As a result, private individuals frequently lack the appropriate vehicles, enough helpers, and, of course, the right containers.

However, there is much more to clearing out than just removing the garbage from the apartment or house. Waste separation also plays an important role. Here, for example, construction waste, bulky waste, or recycling waste is stored, sorted, and disposed of separately. Therefore, you should contact a reputable company for these reasons to ensure that everything is done quickly and professionally when it comes to clearing out in Erkner.


AFLEX helps with clearing out in Erkner

The best way to start the clearing out process is to arrange an appointment with a specialist company to inspect the property. This serves to get an exact overview, to ask questions, and, of course, to discuss the cost factor that the customer will have to face.
However, not everything that is sorted during decluttering ends up in the trash compactor. Often there are antique furniture, high-quality decorative items, silver or gold, pictures, and expensive lamps among the items. Here the customer has two options. Firstly, valuable things can be sorted beforehand in order to be sold afterward.

Secondly, if you do not want that, you can also assign the specialist company with the sale of the value. Here, a protocol will then be made, values will be calculated and, if necessary, these will be set off against the total amount. This also applies to the valuables that are often hidden in old drawers or beds during a clear-out. So nothing is lost.

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The handover is always swept clean

You can hand over the keys of your apartment, basement, or attic to the experienced staff of AFLEX without any worries. Of course, it is no problem at all to be on-site yourself at the time of clearing out. If desired, the clearing can be carried out in several stages. However, since in most cases, de-cluttering is due after a death, a move to a nursing home, or the purchase of an old house, it makes sense to give the job to professionals.

Who likes rummaging through garbage or sorting junk? Everything that is no longer usable is loaded into large containers during a clear-out and then taken to a trash compactor. You don’t have to take care of that yourself either. AFLEX will take care of that for you. Not only is great importance placed on the separation of waste, but also on any items that may still be found during the disposal.

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Make sure to secure an appointment in time.

A professional company is capable of clearing things out quickly and easily. Nevertheless, you should contact the company in good time to make an appointment. In this way, you can avoid being under deadline pressure with the notice period or the handover of the apartment or property. It is best to ask right away and get detailed information.