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Your specialist for clearing out services in Brandenburg

Over the years, many people collect many things in their garage as well as in the attic or basement that they will never need again. These include broken lawnmowers, electrical appliances, old cabinets, or display cases. Empty canisters and old paint cans are simply stored instead of being disposed of. Skis and children’s bikes are stored in a corner that no one will ever use again. At some point, there comes a time when clearing out and disposal become necessary.

If you are overwhelmed with this work, simply contact our service company. We specialize in providing clearing out services in Brandenburg. Our professional team of employees will make sure that your garage or basement is tidy. We also dispose of garbage from outbuildings and remove waste as well as green cuttings from your garden. We improve the quality of living and maintain order in your home with our reliable services.

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Fast and professional service for clearing out in Brandenburg

Simply contact us if you need a specialist for clearing out in Brandenburg. One of our specialists will gladly take the time for a detailed information meeting and competently answer any questions you may have. Upon request, we will come immediately for an inspection to provide a cost estimate for the effort. We promise you fair prices for our services and we guarantee that we will not charge you any additional costs afterward.

Your only job is to tell us what items are not to be disposed of. The rest will be taken care of by our expert staff without your assistance.

We will bring containers and possibly mesh boxes to separate the garbage and recyclables right on the spot when clearing them out. If necessary, we dismantle old cupboards and tables so that the bulky waste can be loaded more easily. Once the premises are completely empty, we clean the floors and remove cobwebs from the walls. We also remove debris from shelves and neatly sort any materials and equipment left behind.

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Flexibility - One of our strengths

Our professionals work quickly and reliably, no matter what they tackle. They are very conscientious and take their work very seriously. That’s why, if necessary, they’ll de-clutter on the weekend or after hours. It often happens that our clients are out of the house during the day. In such a case, we do our work in the evening. Especially in the case of commercial clients, disposal and clearing out of halls are only possible after the end of work.

Therefore, we arrange our clearing out according to the wishes of our clients in terms of time. In the case of relocation of production facilities, the machines are in operation on Friday until the evening and on Monday morning they must already be working again at the new location. In such cases, we work on Saturday as well as on Sunday to ensure that the premises are in a swept clean condition. First, we dispose of the garbage as well as broken machines or equipment. When the hall is empty, we clean the floor, walls, and ceiling.

You too can benefit from the qualifications of our team when clearing out in Brandenburg!