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For many people, clearing out means stress and a lot of work. After all, it usually happens when an old property has been bought, or a relative has died or had to move into a nursing home. In most cases, not only the apartment or the house but also the cellar and the attic are full of garbage. For this reason, one should definitely turn to a professional specialist company when it comes to clearing out in Altlandsberg. AFLEX helps you quickly and easily with this task.


Cost and time-saving work are just some of the advantages of clearing out in Altlandsberg with AFLEX

Nobody likes to rummage around in the garbage. Furthermore, clearing out is always associated with physical effort, necessitating the assistance of some helpers to complete this project. Here it makes sense to give the order to a specialist company. First of all, make an appointment with AFLEX for an on-site inspection. Here, the experienced employees can not only get an exact overview of the work involved but also answer all the questions that are on your mind so far. Of course, you can also get an exact cost estimate to have an accurate overview of the costs that will then be incurred.

De-cluttering inevitably entails clearing out the cellar rooms and the attic belonging to the house or the apartment. AFLEX team will then hand over the property in a swept clean condition. However, if necessary, study the rental contract before the appointment. AFLEX will assist you and take over this task in the event that the objects must be handed over totally renovated. Of course, this is also applicable if you just wish to take over a thoroughly renovated object that you have purchased. Just contact us.




Not everything belongs in the bulky waste

Before the appointment, you can of course look for usable furniture or other valuables in the property. You can separate them yourself or have them transported by a specialized company. However, not everyone wants to search for valuable things in the garbage. For this reason, we are happy to take care of it. Of course, everything is recorded in a protocol, which the customer can later sell or keep. Those who do not wish to do this can also commission AFLEX with the sale of valuables. The proceeds can be offset against the order value after consultation.

Specialist companies not only have the right logistics

If you don’t have containers or suitable vehicles, you’re in a bad position as a private individual when it comes to clearing out. First of all, all the garbage is separated and then a distinction is made between construction waste, bulky waste, recyclable waste, and household waste. These are then stored differently and transported to the waste compactor. This cannot be done without a specialized company. Since there are also other appointments during a clear-out, it is not necessary for you to be on-site on the day of the order. Just leave the key in the experienced hands of AFLEX. However, if you as a customer would like to be present at the appointment, that is no problem at all. The clearing can be done in several stages on specific requests and by arrangement.
Be sure to schedule your decluttering appointment promptly so that it doesn’t overlap with an apartment drop-off or notice period.

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