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Trust in our expertise for clearing out services in Ahrensfelde

When it comes to de-cluttering, you should rely on the expertise of a reputable company and we are such a company with enormous experience in the fields of liquidation and clearing of households, offices, and much more. Household goods and old furniture often accumulate, especially in the basement or attic, the clearing of which makes high demands on physical endurance. However, our employees are not only physically fit but also we are perfectly organized as these are the basis for a smooth process.

For this reason, we first offer our customers a free initial inspection appointment during which the full extent of the de-cluttering in Ahrensfelde will be assessed. In this way, any problems can be identified in advance and taken into account accordingly in the schedule. This way, we as a company and you as a customer are on the safe side because we can offer you a guaranteed fixed price after the meeting, so you don’t have to worry about any follow-up costs.


Professional disposal of your data waste

When it comes to liquidating your office, you should definitely use the services of a specialist company because when disposing of various data carriers such as hard disks, CDs, sticks, or documents, extreme caution must be exercised to ensure that no highly sensitive information falls into the hands of unauthorized third parties. We have sufficient expertise to perform these tasks adequately.

In addition, an office liquidation requires physically resilient employees to remove all the cabinets, desks, office chairs, etc. from the office space. However, if needed, we also perform outdoor decluttering. For example, over time, a garden shed is often used as a storage room for various garden tools that are no longer needed or outdated garden furniture.

Apartment liquidation for different motives

If you have decided to get married and would like to lead a joint household with your partner, an apartment liquidation certainly has a positive background. However, the situation is completely different in the case of a death. Here, the persons concerned first have to cope with the loss of someone close to them; a decluttering or apartment liquidation is probably hardly feasible for these persons. In such moments, you will benefit from our experienced and empathetic staff, who know exactly how to act in such a moment.

If winter is approaching, you should have the decluttering or liquidation carried out before the first wet and cold period. If not, there is a risk of moisture damage or mold growth. This happens because damp spots can occur and these cannot dry off even during a dry period because they are blocked by furniture, boxes, etc. The cost of repairing the damage can not be insignificant and burden you unnecessarily.




A new coat of paint is no problem for us

We always make sure the property is broom-clean and, if necessary, renovated before handing it over to you. If you leave the renovation work in our qualified hands, it can pay off for you. If the landlord complains about unprofessional renovations when handing over the apartment, this can lead to higher costs for you in the end. We carry out wallpapering and painting work in all variations for you. In addition, our employees have the appropriate craftsmanship to lay all floor coverings such as laminate, parquet, PVC, or tiles.

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