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A commercial or office liquidation in Berlin is a logistical challenge that needs to be well planned. A professional service is very much in demand here. The liquidation of commercial premises is much more complex and complicated than a private collection of bulky waste or a move.

Usually, commercial premises, warehouses and offices are larger and have much more inventory. In addition, the dismantling of interior fittings can be more complicated or the storage of certain documents needs to be clarified. This is where an all-inclusive carefree package, where you can sit back and relax, is just the thing for busy entrepreneurs. An office liquidation can thus be carried out conveniently and promptly.

We are also very happy to help you with a redesign or a partial clearance of commercial premises or spaces in Berlin. We will be happy to discuss and plan everything in detail with you.

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Office clearing and office liquidation can become relevant on many occasions.

This may be necessary in the event of a business closure or insolvency, or in the event of a move to larger and more prestigious premises. When an office is cleared, all documents that are not required must first be properly disposed of.

These may be disposed of if they are no longer required to be kept due to legal retention periods. However, data protection and other factors must be considered so that safe disposal, destruction, shredding, or other methods, must be carried out here by our specialist company.

If accounting or business records need to be stored, we can provide a suitable solution. Our service providers for safekeeping/storage can take care of this for a fee if desired. In addition, there is often furniture and fixed equipment that needs to be removed from the premises during an office clearance. This includes office furniture such as chairs, tables, desks or shelves and cabinets.

If possible, we try to recycle them sensibly and, if necessary, sell them to scrap dealers. If this is not possible, these will be disposed of properly. Often old electrical or electronic office equipment, such as copiers, computers or printers, have to be disposed of during an office clearance.

Here, too, if it can no longer be sold, this electronic step must be competently disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner by specialist consultants or municipal waste disposal companies in Berlin. Occasionally it also happens that fixed fixtures, such as counters or storage shelves must be dismantled, which can possibly take a lot of time.

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Business liquidation in Berlin - Quick

In the case of an office liquidation or a clearing out of the office, it may be necessary to remove floor coverings. This may also apply to ceiling paneling, wall coverings, tiles or wallpaper. This depends on the type of contract and the agreement of the respective tenant about the office and commercial space.

In the case of a renovation, of course, it depends on which areas need to be completely renovated. Depending on the flooring, wall paneling or tiling, the work for office clearing must be coordinated. This also determines the cost of office clearance and the repair of the premises in the event of an office liquidation. These must be left in a condition in accordance with the contract.

We take over the entire coordination of the work and control of all processes so that it comes to a fast office liquidation and office clearing. In view of the diverse aspects and the complexity of this matter, professional organization is essential for an office liquidation. We will gladly take over this service for you!

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