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Aflex Services takes care of your bulky waste in Berlin Spandau, quickly and inexpensively. Our offer applies to all parts of the sprawling district, which is known for its green oases and waterways. Not only the picturesque old town with its cafés and half-timbered houses is our territory, but also all the streets around it. It doesn’t matter whether you are having an apartment or office liquidation, a messy apartment clearance, or simply need to clear out in between, we dispose of all bulky waste in Berlin Spandau which is in your way.

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Uncomplicated waste disposal as a result of Removals

Bulky waste is usually always generated during removals of all kinds. In these cases, too, our expert employees are ready to relieve you in a timely and uncomplicated manner. We will pick up the old waste from you at a reasonable price even if it is in large quantities, for example from a construction site. We offer our services not only to private individuals but also to companies and institutions. Wherever there is a need for thorough clearing out and emptying, our transporters will arrive quickly upon your request to take away the accumulated bulky waste in Berlin Spandau. There is also no such thing as “too little” with us, we also take action on individual items and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Services in Berlin in addition to bulky waste collection

However, Aflex Services is not just a pure waste management company rather the bulky waste collection in Berlin Spandau represents only one aspect of our multi-faceted program. Our services extend far beyond the area of transport and logistics and even include complete clearing out as well as professional painting work. Here is a brief overview:

  • Clearing out garages, cellars, and attics
  • Clearance of apartments and houses
  • Careful garden clearance
  • Active help with office and apartment liquidation
  • All services on the subject of removals in Berlin
  • Painting work in commercial and private premises
  • Complete apartment renovation
  • Transportation of all kinds, in Berlin, Germany, and Europe
  • Disposal of accumulated waste

If you like to deal with motivated and friendly people who work cleanly and thoroughly, you are well served with us. Aflex Services has made it its goal to fully satisfy its customers, not only through pure fulfillment of duty but also through human values. Reliability and punctuality are an integral part of our everyday life, as well as detailed advice that addresses your wishes and questions. Please feel free to inquire about our offer regarding bulky waste in Berlin Spandau or any other service you are interested in.

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Our express service for your bulky waste in Berlin Spandau

Do you need immediate removal of bulky waste because it is obstructing your way? In this case, we offer you not only our express bulky waste collection service in Berlin Spandau but also a speedy clearing out service too, depending on what you need. Get in touch with us by phone or e-mail. Alternatively, simply click on Request a Quote on our website and connect with us conveniently online. Normally, our capacities are sufficient to work for you within 24 hours, so that you are quickly relieved in case of an eviction or an urgent apartment clearance. You are also welcome to register individual items, furniture, or equipment for collection, and the disposal will always be carried out in a professional manner in accordance with the applicable legal regulations. Beforehand, we will inform you of a fixed price, which we will invoice afterward. This way you remain in control of your finances at all times.


This is how the bulky waste collection works with us

Do you want to know how exactly does a bulky waste collection work with us? After you have contacted us, we will ask you for the details of your project, for example:

Is it a clear-out or are you sorting out the bulky waste yourself and putting it out for collection?

How much waste is involved?

And where exactly does the collection of bulky waste Berlin Spandau take place?

Once we have received all the information, we will send you our written offer based on your specifications. As soon as you have given us your approval, we will make a note of the appointment and will be at your door on time.