Apartment liquidation in Berlin Reinickendorf

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Apartment Liquidation in Berlin Reinickendorf

Not many people know how much effort it takes to liquidate an apartment like disassembly, sorting, physical effort, etc. In addition, there is transport and proper disposal. To save you unnecessary stress and work, we are here for you and offer our competent and professional support.

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As a clearing company, it is our job to take the load off to help those who are faced with a full apartment and feel overwhelmed. Not sure where to put all the stuff? We specialize in clearing out as well as apartment and household liquidations in Berlin and the surrounding area. We are not only concerned with discreet and personal advice but also with tidy and professional work. No matter how much effort and hassle we have to put in, our goal is to make you happy.

Contact us and we will arrange an appointment for a free inspection. After we have an overview of the apartment to be dissolved, we are happy to offer you a fair price.


Competent professionals for apartment liquidation in Reinickendorf

Thanks to many years of experience in clearing apartments, our employees face any task. Whether it is narrow staircases or low basements and attics, we always attach great importance to transport each piece of furniture with skill and without damage.

The fact that clearing out an apartment means “packing up, carrying out, and disposing of” is always easier said than done. Many find it difficult to get an overview and when it comes to the legacies of a deceased person, it only makes things more difficult. It is always important to us to dispose of your unusable household items and emerging bulky waste in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition, it also takes a trained eye to recognize that trash just isn’t always just trash as many forgotten items turn out to be true antiques and treasures that can be easily overlooked.

You can always expect flawless, correct, and reliable work from us!

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Services that we would like to offer you additionally

We are true professionals with passion and fun in professional clearing as far as the topic of apartment clearing is concerned. But beyond that, we would like to present to you other services with which we can offer you help. You can, of course, request our additional service at any time so that in the end you really leave a completely clean apartment and that a broom-clean handing over of the apartment can take place smoothly. Enquire now and we will be happy to advise you.


As already mentioned, we always care about the proper disposal of bulky waste, and should it be necessary, we are also happy to take care of cleaning and renovation of the property, as well as painting work. We also take care of the removals and transportation that are involved in the apartment liquidation and clearing out so that you don’t have to worry about anything. As a result, you can be sure that everything will reach its destination.

Since we know that not everyone is able to keep track of the assembly and disassembly of furniture, we also offer you our service here. Our employees are not afraid of any screw, from the side table to the fitted kitchen; we take care of it and the transport is of course included. Even small demolition work is not an issue for us and we would also be happy to do this for you as part of the agreement.

Even before the most confusing pile of garbage, our professionals keep a cool head and you can trust our honesty and years of experience when it comes to analyzing valuables. We then make it our task to determine the value and meet you with a fair price. This way you can still get one or the other out of your treasures without a lot of work.

Just contact us and we will spare no effort to fulfill your wishes.

What do you need our help with?

Your Aflex team always strives to offer you a wide range of expertise to find together the fastest and most convenient solution for you. You can trust our qualified workers so that you can lean back and relax. Whether you are a private individual or a company that needs our commitment or even a property manager who was left alone with chaotic apartments or houses, are the same to us.

We are happy to support you and offer you our services as a competent partner. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Where are our areas of operation?

We drive to the following districts of Berlin :

We would also be on the road for you in Berlin and the surrounding area (Berlin-Brandenburg) if agreed.