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Selling an apartment has never been a cup of tea, it requires a lot of effort. You must be ensured that if you’re shifting or selling, the apartment must be cleared from all the bulky waste material. And it should be sorted accordingly and recycled and dispose of unused items in an environmentally friendly manner. This is where Aflex comes to help you quickly and at your convenient time for apartment clearance. What are you waiting for? Get help now!

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Apartment Clearance Berlin – Fast & Secure With A Flex

Clearing out and liquidating apartments in Berlin is part of everyday business for AFLEX. If you would like to sell an apartment inexpensively, we offer you the opportunity to create a free offer for you. You can also get a free on-site appointment.

Our employees will look at the property and the things that are to be cleared out and will then immediately make you an individual and fair offer.

Depending on the size and amount of bulky waste, the clearance of the apartment can entail a certain amount of work. If it is an apartment with many rooms that need to be completely cleared out, we’ll ensure that everything first, not only this we will also provide you with a container. In addition, we offer you additional services that will make it much easier for you to liquidate your apartment.

Find out more about the process and planning of your apartment clearance below. If we can trigger your interest, we look forward to your call on 030 / 2393 1002. AFLEX Berlin is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of our strengths is definitely our speed because you can commission us to sell an apartment in Berlin within the next 24 hours.

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There might be many reasons for clearing your apartment, it could be a termination of the rental contract, forced eviction of an apartment, a regular move, or new purchases.  In all this Aflex is standing with you to support you and is willing to work according to the customer’s wishes.

On request, we not only clear out the place but also make sure that the rooms are neat and clean, we renovate the patchy area on walls or anywhere, so that it doesn’t look bad after leaving. Aflex professionals make sure that all the hazardous and non-hazardous materials are disposed of in their proper place without harming the environment. So yes you can trust us.

Whether you have used or unused furniture, carpets, wallpaper, shelves, electrical appliances, or other things that you no longer need or need, everything will be done on your instruction and with our proper guidance. In all these processes, you don’t have to worry at all, neither you have to spend time with us to complete your work, neither you have to ensure, how things will be done, You can relax and enjoy your vacation for that period and then you can enjoy your new apartment. We’ll make sure that at the end, your rooms are perfectly neat and clean as per the agreement with your landlord.



There are many reasons for liquidating or clearing an apartment in Berlin. You may have to vacate your apartment because you are moving to a smaller apartment or to a different location. There is also a case, where some of your family members move to a retirement home or they may have died.

In this case, you may face a problem, and soon you have to dissolve or clear your apartment, and most of the time, you don’t get enough time, to clear and evacuate from your apartment. To tackle all this hassle, Aflex Berlin would be the best choice for you. We have helped numerous families, students and individuals in this situation safely and within a time. You can be 100% sure of our work. 

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Our competent employees take over the dismantling and removal of the devices and bring them directly to the disposal company in their own vehicle. As a client, you don’t have to worry about anything, because we are going to take care of all the tasks related to your household liquidation in a responsible manner.

If there are still personal things or valuables in the apartment that you have overlooked, we will of course hand them over to you. You are also welcome to commission us with the appraisal so that we can tell you which household items and furniture are still financially viable. Small treasures are usually found in household councils. So you can earn some money on the side.





Many useless objects are often piled up in the attic and in the basement. Everything is put there and then forgotten. However, the basement and attic are part of the rented living space and must be handed over empty and clean.

If you want to get rid of the chaos in the attic or in the basement quickly and cleanly, ask AFLEX Berlin to put things in order thoroughly. Our experienced team clears out the stored household items and ensures that you can finally enter and use the basement and attic again or hand them over to the landlord with a clear conscience at the end of the rental agreement.


Before starting our work, please get an overview of the following points:

We are very familiar with this problem. The employees of the Aflex Berlin apartment resolution have many years of experience in the valuation of household contents. First of all, you look through everything that is in the apartment:



Whether you are liquidating an apartment or want to clear out your basement or attic – Aflex Berlin is your trustable contact for an apartment liquidation or clearing out in Berlin. Let us advise you comprehensively and choose from our extensive range of services. We clear your apartment quickly and punctually or make sure that you have more space in the household, in the basement, and in the attic.

You can also hire us to transport furniture, collect bulky waste and renovate your home. If the apartment was rented or renovated, it is usually stipulated in the rental agreement that the living space must be handed over and renovated after completion.

AFLEX Berlin can wallpaper and/or paint your apartment, remove and reinstall old floors, dismantle furniture, and much more so that you can hand over the apartment to the landlord like new.

If you are moving, you are welcome to entrust us with your furniture transport and thus take care of your move in Berlin quickly and inexpensively. Whether it’s a 1-room, 4-room apartment, or a detached house – our team is up to any challenge and will take care of your furniture transport quickly, safely, and reliably. Don’t wait, take action now!


Your advantages with AFLEX

AFLEX Berlin is available for you around the clock and can competently deal with apartment clearances within 24 hours. You don’t have to take any risks and tension, we provide you the best price, standard service that too at an affordable price.

An offer that we have prepared for you will remain the same till the last, we don’t keep any hidden charges. That’s our promise to you. Both the offer itself and the on-site appointment are free of charge for you and with our satisfaction guarantee, you are always on the safe side.

Request your free offer by phone or via our offer form and convince yourself of our apartment sales in Berlin. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to info@aflex.berlin and we will get back to you as soon as possible.